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Tomb Raider Anniverary Edition for the Wii 38: Tomb of Tihocan, Part 3

Updated on July 29, 2008

You then need to go back to the two canals mentioned earlier. There is one that has a broken bridge right over it. You need to make certain the raft is dead ended there. Use your grapple to manipulate it there.

Once it is there, you need to make your way up. There are two ways to do this. The first is located at then end of the pool opposite the control crank. There is a pillar there with a ladder on it. Just jump up there to climb. When you run out of room to climb, lateral jump to the right. Steady yourself, shimmy left, and make another lateral jump. Shimmy left a little and scramble up to the next ledge. Shimmy right all the way, and scramble up. Shimmy left and haul yourself up, and you can be at the place where you first pushed the box in. Just follow the prior instructions to get back to the crank.

There is another way. Jump in the pool from the crank, and go left to crawl out. Turn left, and you’ll find a stone ramp leading up to a pillar. Jump to the ledge, then scramble up to the next one. Shimmy left around the corner and jump up to the pole. You might want to work your way down the pole a bit. You can then flip off the pole to the ledge. Jump up a step, then haul your way up to another ledge.

There is a pillar nearby that has the next ledge you need to grab. The jump is difficult, but doable. Just do it on a diagonal, and hit A the moment you’re about to step off the ledge. You’ll have to steady yourself, but you should make it. Haul yourself up, then jump to the next ledge. Shimmy left around two corners, then scramble up to the next level.

Go to the crank and start the water rushing in. If you jump into the water, you will find pipes that have openings on the grates. One has a large medipack. Another has a small medpack. One has ammo. As you leave the one with the ammo, you might notice a small lever. Pull it, and a trap door will open, revealing the First Artifact and some more ammo for the 50 caliber.

Nothing to do now but go to the small raft at the end of the room and jump up to the exit. You may need to manipulate it with the gravel, though.


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