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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 43: Temple of Khamoon, Part 4

Updated on July 30, 2008

If you want to, you can jump to a pole that hangs off of the ceiling with no bottom. You can then jump to the other side of where you were before and grab a small medipack and some ammo. Other wise, jump to the pole, and slide all the way down.

Go back to the room with the pool on the bottom. You will notice that the ledge that you are on isn’t trying to split anymore. You need to move that box closer to a corner where you will see two ledges, one on top of the other. This isn’t the corner with the scarab ledge. I know that sounds confusing, but the object is to stand atop the box and jump to get to this bottom ledge.

Scramble up to the next ledge, then you will need to do a backwards jump. The platform that you are on will start to move, and you must jump to the other side of it, then jump to the scarab ledge. Quickly jump up one ledge, and you will be stable area. (By the way, it will probably take several tries to get right what I just described here.)

Shimmy right and lateral jump to the next scarab ledge, and scramble up quickly. Shimmy left and lateral jump to the next ledge. Backwards jump to the flip-pole, and you will now be at the highest ledge.

You will need to use your grapple to pull down an area that will come down like a drawbridge. You will need to pull it down, but once it is all the way down, it will automatically release. Lara needs to then jump off the ledge, and use the grapple to swing over before the drawbridge closes.

You can pull a switch lever here, the drawbridge will drop down and stay down. Two other trapdoors will also. You will need to jump to the one to the right, and you will grab onto a ledge there. Scramble up to the next area, and then backwards jump to a flip-pole. Flip to the other trap door, and you can scramble up to the ledge.

Go ahead and flip the switch here. You will note that the area underneath the cat statue falls. You are actually above the area where the cat statue is, and if you look to the left, there is a grapple hook. Jump there, and grapple, doing a wall run until you get to a ledge on the other side. Lara can backwards jump and grapple to a new ring from here. You might have to get your bearings, but there is another ring you can jump and swing to, followed by another ring that near the artifact. Swing and get the Second Artifact.


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