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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 14: The Lost Valley, Part 6

Updated on July 28, 2008

Keep going right until you find a small medipack. Go back and move up, and then keep moving across a ledge until you drop down. At one point, you will have to jump to another ledge. There are a few more you must jump, but the others are easier.

You will soon get to a place where there is some wooden porch thing. Jump to it, climb the pole on it, and you can get to the next area. Eventually, you will come to a drop off. Jump to the nearest ledge, then lateral jump left to the next one. Shimmy left until you get to another ledge, then make a lateral jump to another ledge. Backwards jump to the wooden bridge.

Keep going until slide, and you might find yourself on a pole. Climb that pole to the top, and jump to the top of a wall. Climb over that wall to the other side, then drop down.

You will then be inside of a room, so make sure you go over and pick up the small medipack. Keep going until you reach an area with some high ledges, and go to the top. Now, you can leave this area if you want to at this one opening, or there are other ways you can go from there too.

There will be a broken wooden bridge that you must jump over, so make your jump good. Keep going until you get into a room, where a Large medkit can be found. At the entrance to the room and to the right is a ledge (right from the inside). Jump up to it, shimmy all the way left, then drop down one ledge. Shimmy left until you get under another ledge, and scramble up to that. Shimmy left and make a lateral jump. Shimmy left and scramble up, then make another lateral jump. Shimmy right and make scramble to the top.

You may notice when you are up here that there is an area that you haven’t been to yet. To get to it, jump across the watery slide to the flat area, then drop down to a wall, then area behind that wall.

By the way, I found this jump very difficult to make, and if you go down the slide, you’re going to have to work your way all the way back to get that artifact. If you wanted to make it easy on yourself, you could just jump down to the area with the artifact. You’ll take some damage, but at least you’ll be there. Grab the Second Artifact, and you should climb a wall and go down the other side to an area that you’ve been to before.


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