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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 16: Tomb of Qualopec, Part 1

Updated on July 28, 2008

Go through a series of tunnels until you end up in a pit. You should be able to jump down into the pit without injury. Go to the end, and you will see a rock on the wall. Interact with it. Wave the Wiimote until you feel a shake, hit A, then wiggle that Wii mote. A section will come off. Repeat two more times, and you will find the Rubbing Reward: The Fertility God.

Run back to the other end of the room, and climb up. Jump to the top of the pole, then to the flip-pole. Flip to the top of the nearby pole, then jump to the top of another one. Jump to the ledge, then up to the next ledge.

You will now be in the room of the giant stone bridge. If you go to the other side, a giant stone boulder will roll and try and crush you. Don’t run away from it, but rather run to the side where it will roll to the side. Let it wreck the bridge. Unfortunately, cage doors will come down. Your mission is to open these doors, and to do that, you need to pull some switches.

You will notice that the rock uncovered a giant stand thingy. You can use this. You need to run to the entrance of the room, and go right. Hang off of the ledge, release down to the next, then shimmy left and release again. Release one more time, and you will be on solid ground.

There is a weird small wooden platform thing. You need to move that to the ledges so you can climb up there again, and you will need to.

In the meantime move the tall wooden platform so it is in a good place to jump on to the entrance to the left. There is an Aztec statue there that makes a good marker to move it to. Your goal is to have something to jump to when you go back up to that stone bridge.

So go back to the smaller platform that you just moved, jump to the ledge, scramble to the next, then scramble to the other ledge.

Now, jump to the high wooden platform. Jump on a white ledge, then jump up to another one. Shimmy left around the corner and lateral jump there.

You will then go down a hall. Pick up some shotgun ammo before you see the darts. Time it so you can jump to the flip-pole without getting hit. Use the flip-pole to get to the ledge, then go left and do a lateral jump left. Carefully time your next lateral jump left to get to the next ledge.


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