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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 23: St. Francis' Folly, Part 5

Updated on July 28, 2008

Once you get to the other side, drop to the floor, and you will meet up with some rats. Shoot them all, and carry on. You will be in a room with a pool, and behind one of the pillars is a small medipack.

Dive into the water, and quickly go down to the bottom until you see a lever. Pull the lever, and open the door. Go up the door to the next area.

The first thing you need to do is dive in the water, and find the lever. Pull it, and a doorway will open near the surface to reveal the Third Artifact. Go and get it.

Use the pillar in the center of the room to get to another level. Just go to the one ledge, haul yourself up, then the next ledge, haul yourself up. Jump up, shimmy around the corner left, then scramble up to the top.

Two things need to be done here. The first is moving a square block from the fountain on top. Water will come flooding in. You might want to grab the 50 caliber ammo here while you’re at it.

Once the rock is moved, swim to another area on that level that has a square block. Push it off of the edge.

Now swim down until you see another lever. Pull it, and a raft will come up, but will get caught on a bridge.

Swim up to the surface, and move the block back to plug the fountain. The water level will drop.

Jump down to the lower level. I would just use the water to cushion your fall rather than climb down the ledges on the center. That square block that you just pushed over will be in front of a fountain, so push that block to dam up that fountain.

Run across the bridge to the other one, and you will soon be at the area where you entered the room. To the right will be a ledge, so grab it. Release to drop down to another ledge, and you will be atop a big stone. Jump down from this stone, and you will be on the ground again.

What you will see is that the wooden raft will be on a grate. The best thing to do is move the raft so it is on the grate on the other side. It can be moved via grappling hooks on the rings. You will notice two downed bridges here. What you need to do is get the raft so it will float up right about here, but that won’t work that easily.


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