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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 25: St. Francis' Folly, Part 7

Updated on July 28, 2008

Lateral jump left to the next corner and shimmy around the corner right. Release to the next ledge, then drop to get the small medipack. Step off the ledge and hang down. Drop down one ledge, then shimmy right around a corner and drop to a floor. Hang off this next ledge, shimmy right, and do a lateral. You will be at the door of Damocles.

Damocles Door

Go down the hall, and this next place will be somewhat different. There is a block with a ring over the door. Stand as far from the door as possible and grapple it. Now, push the block so it is flush to the door. Go ahead and pull the lever, and when the door is halfway open, push the block underneath. The door will then fall down on it. Climb the block, and then hang off the metal plate. Jump to the window above, and then drop down to the other side.

Now, this room is pretty easy to get the key. The pressure pad will open the door to let you in, and the key is at the other end. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get out. The first thing you should do is go around the key room and get the ammo and the medipack, because you might not have another chance. Once you get the key, swords will fall, so get out of the way as soon as you can. The room will start to shake.

Leave the key room and you will see a big sword fall in front of you. Go right, then left, and you will see to your left an area like a checkerboard where knives come out at sporadic intervals.

There is way to beat the pattern. On your left is a red square and a white square. When both blades in that area go down, run on the white square. Almost immediately, two nearby squares will retract their blades, a red and a white. Run to the white square. Repeat this pattern, and you will get to the other side.

Now, on this side, try not to stray to far or big swords might fall down. You will eventually come to another area with some checkerboard pattern and knives. The pattern is the same (step on the white when the time comes). The difference is the first sit. On the white tile in front, the blades will come down at the same time as the red tile in front of it. Run on the white tile then, and then to the left to the next white tile. A path will become clear that will be like last time.


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      Ellie 7 years ago

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