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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 28: St. Francis' Folly, Part 10

Updated on July 28, 2008

Take the flip-pole, and you will be on an area with a thin hallway. In this hallway is the Fifth Artifact. Take it and then go to another flip-pole. In this area is a white block, and it must be pushed to the floor below. There is one part that does not have a railing of any type, so push it off the edge there. Move the block to the hammer, and it will be crushed to reveal the statue. The statue can be maneuvered into a circular place, and then pointed in the appropriate direction.

The next block must be moved so it is directly under the hammer. Lara can then put it in its place like the others

The hammer now must be triggered, this time by stepping on it a little longer than usual. Not too long, though. The hammer will come down harder, and two gates will open. One holds the key, the other is blocking the way out.

Be sure to get the key, and with some trick jumping, Lara can get out of the electric area. She can then perform the usual method of getting out the door.

Lara needs to jump back to the superstructure on level 1. Go north and on the ring ledge to the right, like you were going to the Poseidon switch. This time go right, jumping to a far away ledge. Release to the ground below, and hang off the edge. Shimmy right around the corner, then release to the ledge below. Shimmy right, then release to drop to the slide. Before you get to the end, you must jump to the ledge.

Shimmy left and drop down to the edge. You will be at the door of Atlas.

Atlas Room

Entrance to Atlas is granted in the usual fashion. You will soon come to an area with a spinning device. Spin it, and a pit will shut. Let go and quickly jump across.

Walk up to the statue at the end of the hall, but make sure to find a ledge on your left before that. Lateral jump left twice, then scramble up one. There is some ammo up here, but what you really want is down another level with the lever. Pull the lever, and a flip bar will come across the pit.

Jump down and walk to the statue. You will see two target areas on its sides. Shoot one, and the ball will come loose. One row of spears will retract also. Shoot it again, and the ball will come rolling to you. Run down the hall and jump when you reach the flip-bar. Flip to the other side, and the ball will drop down.

Wind up that one area until the floor is covered, then go get the Key of Atlas. On your way out, go left and climb up some wreckage. You can’t reach this area until after the ball is gone. Grab the small medpack at that level, then go up anther level to find the Sixth Artifact.

Pull the lever, and the pit will cover itself again, but not for long. Hurry and jump down in order to cross to the other side.

Get out of the area, and now go on the door. This time, jump to the flip pole, let the door jump, and flip to the window.

From there, it’s just working your way down to the next area, where you need to insert the correct color-coded keys into the right doors.


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