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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 3: The Mountain Caves, Part 3

Updated on July 28, 2008

From up in that alcove, just jump to a ledge on the other side, shimmy to the left, and drop down. If you miss that ledge, then go up the stairs, jump across, jump across again, then jump to the ledge. Shimmy left around the corner, make a lateral jump, the pull yourself up.

Here you will meet your first foes: bats. It’s time to learn how to Z target and shoot things dead. This will be tricky to get the hang of at first.

If you go to the left, there will be some steps that Lara can’t jump up to. However, if she stands on a nearby rock, she can easily jump up, pull herself up, and jump up some steps to get to a Large Medipack.

Take the other fork of that tunnel. You will soon be at a large dropoff and there are some bats to take care of there. You might notice a ring there, and you should jump off and use the grappler. There is a ledge that is kind of obscured by vines that you must swing to, so adjust yourself on your rope and swing to it.

If you miss the grappler, don’t worry, there are some ledges down below that can get you back up.

Let’s assume that you did swing to the ledge. Shimmy to the left and scramble up to the next ledge. Do a backwards jump to the next ledge. Drop down to the next ledge and shimmy all the way to the right. Do another backwards jump. Pull yourself up, and you will have the Second Artifact.

Getting down is simple. Just go to the edge, and you’ll kind of fall, but still hang on. Shimmy to the left as much as you can, then drop down a ledge. Drop down to the floor. Soon bats will come flying at you, so take them out.

The cave will go in two directions, but you can go in any direction. You will come to a door that is a puzzle. Start by going to the left, and you will uncover some dirt. The game will ask you to brush off the dirt, and you will see a figure. You will then do a rubbing of the figure, and you’ll get a picture.

Now go to the right of the door, all you have to do is move the figures on the cylinders so it matches the picture. You have to do it before the meter thingy gets to the ground, but that isn’t too hard.


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