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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 30: The Coliseum, Part 2

Updated on July 28, 2008

Shimmy left and jump up to the other crack. Now shimmy left and soon you will be able to make a backwards jump to a natural looking pillar of rock.. There will be an edge you can jump to, and a small medipack will be there. Slide down the area, and then there will be a brown rock with a flat top.

Go to the top of that rock and jump to the building nearby. In the inner area of this building (it will be obvious once you see it) there is a cog. Put the cog in the machine, and a door will open on the coliseum down there. Shoot the two gorillas and the cat until they are dead, then go down into the area where they came out from.

You’ll have to use your flashlight, and squat to get to this next area. Keep going and turn right, then right again, and you will find some shotgun ammo. Jump over to the ramp thing that blocks the other side of the room.

There is a small cage in the corner. Stand on it, then grapple until you get the small box. Move that small box to the ramp, then push or grapple pull it over. Move that small box until you get to the large box in the corner, and you will soon have the balcony key.

Return to the Coliseum and two cats will come from nowhere and want to kill you, but you should kill them. Nothing to do but go up to that area behind the one with the machine and stick in the key. The door will open. Take the ladder to the roof.

Go to the left and jump to the nearby ledge. Jump and use the grapple on the ring. Swing to the next ring, but note where the First Artifact is. Swing to it and grab it.

Once you got it, hang off of the ledge. Shimmy right and jump to the next ledge. After you haul yourself up, you will slide a bit, so make it to that other side by jumping. There is a pillar here, so jump to its ledge. Shimmy left and jump up to another ledge. Shimmy left again and backwards jump to the top of a pillar.

Jump to the top of a building, but then jump off of the other side. You should be able to jump inside of a building, so grab the ammo while you’re there.

There will be nothing to do but go down some stairs, and there will be some blocked tunnels. Keep going down and down. Take out some bats, and you will now be at another level.


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