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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 34: Midas' Palace, Part 4

Updated on July 28, 2008

Jump to a rock nearby, then to another one. Jump on top of another, then you will see a ledge. Jump to it, shimmy left, and make a lateral jump. You should be able to grab a large medipack from up there. Hang down from the ledge, and shimmy left.

You should make a lateral jump, but then you will start to slide. What you need to do is move the joystick right, and you will end up in and area right in front of a pillar. If you miss this, you will drop a level below.

This next jump is very tricky, but you have to find that broken pillar, and run up in the general direction. You will start to slide, but hit the Jump button and you will land on an edge of a white pillar. Shimmy right, and make a jump to a nearby crooked ledge. Follow this crooked ledge until you come to a ledge, and jump on it.

Shimmy right and scramble up to the next ledge. Shimmy right and make a lateral jump to land on a ledge that looks far away. Shimmy right and scramble up to the next ledge. From here, shimmy to the right then make a lateral jump. Use your grapple to get to the other side.

If you want to, you can wall run to the other side, and launch off just right to get to a ledge. On that ledge, you can jump to another area to get a small medipack. After you grabbed it, just jump down to the sand in the corner and slide to the doorway.

You will soon find a tunnel back to the Midas statue room. This will be for a switch that you have not reached before. A door will open behind the statue. You can jump in the pool and get to the statue. You might want to drop off a gold brick in the slot. Go up the ledges to get behind the statue and go in.

As you come into this room, there will be a bunch of fire getting started. The flame will hurt you, but it won’t kill you unless you stand in it for too long.

You will see this one area where fire goes around in a circle Jump into the water, and at the bottom of this is a lever. Pull the lever, and a pillar will rise up. Go to land, and now jump on the circular area, that has one flame in the middle. Jump to the edge, then go around the other side. Stand up, but don’t go in the middle. The flame won’t hurt you if you aren’t too close.


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