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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 35: Midas' Palace, Part 5

Updated on July 28, 2008

Jump to the island with the big pillar in the middle, and hang off the ledge. Before the flames get you, jump on the crack below, and then scramble up to the next one. Go to the highest crack you can reach, and shimmy left. You can backwards jump to a new area.

This area has a floor that you can dust off and do a rubbing of. This time the leters are ΩΨΩ. Go to the rollers and enter them in. Roll the bottom one three times until it reads omega. Roll the top ones next. A new land mass will come up.

Jump back to the large pillar where you once were, and then jump to a new area. From that new area, jump to the area with the lion heads. Time it in between the breaths for you get stand on top, and then jump to another area with Greek symbols on the floor.

This time they are ΩΣΨ. If you do a spin on top, then in the middle, that will unlock it. A pillar on another area will rise. You should be able to jump back to the flaming lion area, and get back to the top. Remember that only certain directions will take you to the top.

Jump from the top to the new pillar place. Now, you will then have to cross the fire and go to the crack. Jump up and shimmy around in several places to get to one area where you can do a backwards jump. You will find the lead bar waiting for you. There is also a large medpack.

Before you head back to the Midas room, you should probably go for the Relic. To get it, simply go to the first area where you found that puzzle. Go to the edge and look to the right. See that ring? You will need to grapple it, and swing with a wall run all the way, then release. You will land on a ledge with a slide below.

Release to slide and jump, and you will reach a ledge. Shimmy right and lateral jump to another ledge. Scramble up to another ledge. Backwards jump to the slide, and go down and jump to get to a flip-pole. Take another flip-pole and jump to the top of a point. Quickly get your bearings and jump to a ledge to the right.

Go ahead and lateral jump to the left. You should land on a slide, and land on an area with a switch. Pull the switch.

Now here is the tricky part. You have to run back and get this Relic, as the opening for it only appears for less than a minute. I would hurry back to this area, quickly, and ignore any flames. Let it burn you, as being cautious will ruin your chances of getting this Second Relic: The Griffin-Head Protome.

Go back to the Midas statue area. Two killer apes will greet you before you get there, but you can handle them. Go ahead and insert that last gold brick in there. The next level will begin from here.


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