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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 36: Tomb of Tihocan, Part 1

Updated on July 29, 2008

Now that the trap door under the water is gone, you should be able to dive down successfully. You will see a passage going back, so swim fast to it. Go around a few corners, and you’ll see some light emanating from above. Hurry there, and go up for air. You will then need to go back down, and go around some more corners until you are in a room with a box.

Push the box into the next room. From this room, look up at the entrance. There is a rubbing you need to make here. Push the box in front of it, and dust it off and make the rubbing. The code is ΣΩπ.

Move the box so it is in the corner of the room by the puzzle. Solve it by turning the bottom once to the left, then the middle twice to the right.

Go down through the trap door and take out the two rats. Enter the next room and you will be on a huge level thing.

You need to go to the right, and jump to the flip-pole. From there, it is a jump off and grapple to the ring above. Perform a wall run and you can leap off at the apex and grab a ledge on your right. Shimmy left around the corner and drop down. There is some fifty caliber ammo here.

Get the ammo, and jump to the ledge closest to you. Shimmy right and perform a lateral jump to a ledge. Scramble up to a precarious place. You should be able to jump back to a ledge that you were on when you released yourself from the grapple.

Shimmy left again, but this time do a backwards jump to the other ledge. Shimmy left and do a lateral jump with a grapple swing. There will be a place that you can land on. Hop the gap in between.

You will see something that will look like the way out, and it is. You won’t be able to get to it, though, so don’t try and jump there. Work your way around, and jump the next gap. Do the same for the next gap. Go ahead and grab the shotgun ammo.

Go to the edge and jump to the flip-pole, then the next. After you landed on that one section, push the box over the edge.

Jump to the nearest ledge, then scramble up to the next one. Shimmy left and make a lateral jump to the flip-pole. Flip to the next area, then jump. You need to find a ledge that is close by to jump to. Shimmy left and lateral jump to the next flip-pole. Flip off the next flip-pole to the ledge. Shimmy left and then perform a backward jump.


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