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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 41: Temple of Khamoon, Part 2

Updated on July 29, 2008

Jump up to another edge, and shoot a target to your right. A flip bar will extend, but it is only temporary. Take it and flip to the other side. Go straight and turn left to jump to the top of a round pillar, then jump to a smaller pillar. Jump to the ladder and climb up. Make a lateral jump to the left when you get to the top. You will find a small area that will have some Egyptian symbols.

While you are here, take some time to look to the area to the right of the symbols. You will see a ledge that you can jump to, and you will be in a very narrow area that has the First Artifact.

You should be able to jump from the head of the sphinx and grapple to the next area: the top of a small pillar. It’s pretty easy to jump to a ledge in the corner from there. Now, you will need to grapple jump and wall run twice to make it to the next area.

Run and jump to the top of a sphinx, and go to the back and use the code given earlier to open the door in front of it. By the way, there is a Large medipack located behind a slope of rock nearby.

You will now be in a room with six seated statues. Two black panthers will come out and kill you. Run to the end of the room, and you will see a switch. Pull the switch, and more black panthers will appear. Kill them too. The reason why they appear is because the switch opens up two cages. You will notice that the statues slide together, but you should probably get the medipacks available here before you do anything in the next paragraph.

Once the cats are dead, slide the statues together and run to the top of the first one. It is the one that is all the way to the right as you came in. Jump to the statue sitting in front of it (the one it is making eye contact with). Jump onto the other two sphinxes to the right until you are at a place where you can see the switch again from atop the tray.

From here, jump and grapple, and you will swing to a ledge. Drop to the ledge below, then shimmy right. Lateral jump to the scarab ledge on the cage, and quickly scramble up to the next ledge before the cage shuts. Shimmy right and lateral jump again. Shimmy right and climb up to the next area.


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