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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 42: Temple of Khamoon, Part 3

Updated on July 29, 2008

Go ahead and run down this hall, and make a left. You can slide down to the bottom of this area, and you can shoot what looks like three armadillos. If you keep running down the hall while in that pit, you will find a small medipack. Pick up the medipack, and run back to where you slid. There is a box there that you can move to the area where you found the medipack. Move that box into position, and you can climb up to the top and jump to get out of there.

Keep running until you get to a hall. There is a pit here, but there isn’t anything of value at the bottom except some shotgun ammo. You can run back to where you fell/slid in and use the ledges to get up there. Crossing this is easy, but the first flip-pole is only temporary. Use it to flip to the next flip-pole, and then to the scarab ledge. You will have to quickly steady yourself, then quickly scramble up.

You will now be in a room with a pool and cat statue. There are two crocodiles here, but you can easily kill them. What you need to do is jump in the pool and swim down until you find a lever. There is a cage nearby that it opens, even though it doesn’t look like it. Swim to it before that cage closes.

You will then be in a new room. Get up onto an awkward place, and there will be a scarab ledge you can jump and grab. Quickly scramble to the next one up, and shimmy right to make a lateral jump.

From here, you have to run, because the floors go into the wall. Run and quickly jump to the scarab ledge, then quickly scramble to the next one. From here, you can shimmy right and jump to a ledge by an entrance.

Enter in and go up the stairs. You will find the Third Rubbing Reward: The Archer.

This place is a bridge on two pits, and only one of them has anything of value, a small medipack. If you want it, get it. Jump back up, and jump to the small pole, then to the scarab ledge. Scramble up one ledge, then up to another. Do a backwards jump onto the tip of the pole.

Jump to your left, and there will be a rubbing to make on your left. You can use it to solve the puzzle. Try turning the bottom cylinder to the left once, the top to the right, and the middle to the right. You will notice that a box falls on the other side.


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