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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 5: The Mountain Caves, Part 5

Updated on July 28, 2008

Now, jump up and to the next ledge and take some stairs. Turn left, and you will be at the final door to open.

Darts will come shooting by, and this time, there are no shutoff switches. You need to use your prowess to roll through them. You just have to learn to time it right.

Now, if you stand on a pressure point, you can almost open a door. Unfortunately, it is locked, and your job is to open it up. Go to your left and jump up three ledges.

When you get to the top, turn right, and jump on the nearest ledge. Jump up to the next level and shimmy to the right. Make a lateral jump to the next thing, and this will lift a lock.

You only have a certain amount of time before you get the next lock. In this area, run around and there is a wolf to your left that you should take out. You will eventually get to a place where there are three flip bars. Take all three to go to the other side.

This time there are two wolves. Keep running until you get to the other lock. Jump on a ledge, then scramble up to another. Do a backwards jump to get to the pole, which will swing you around. Now, jump to the lock thing, and quickly get down.

Jump down to the ground by leaning off the nearby edge, drop down one ledge, then to the floor. Stand on the pressure pad and the door will open.

Chances are, you might not have been able to unlock the door in time before the other lock closes. Go back up to it and unlock it again.

Wait, don’t take the door yet. You will need to go back up to that area with the second lock (the one to the right of the door). Pretend that you are unlocking the thing, but when the flip pole begins to move, jump off it. You will find yourself on a ledge. Shimmy to the left on the ledge, then lateral jump to a flip-pole. Flip to a small ledge, then scramble up to another. Lateral jump to another flip-pole and fly off to another ledge on the opposite side. Scramble your way up there.

Now, when you’re up here, it will ask you to “find a weak spot”. I just kept moving until I found something that said Hit A and the shaker shook, then swing the remote. You will eventually free the Relic, which is a Killer Whale Bottle.

From there, you should be able to go back the way you came and leave, ending the level.

You will have unlocked some Outfits, Relics, and Art Galleries.


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