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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 62: Natla's Mines, Part 1

Updated on July 29, 2008

Your next step is to travel via pillars. The first pillar is on the right as you came in the room is the one you need to jump up to the first crack, then shimmy left and scramble up to the next. Shimmy left again and scramble up, then scramble up one more. Shimmy left until you can release down one level, and then, from this position, do a backwards jump to the pillar behind you.

You will land on the bottom crack. Scramble up to the next crack. This is a crossroads, and there are two ways you can go from here to get to the places that you need to go to, but I will instruct on going right first. Shimmy right until you can backwards jump to the pillar that is on your right. It has ledges on it.

Scramble up to the next ledge, then shimmy right all around. Perform a lateral jump and grapple the hook on the wall. You will then be wall running, so release by pushing the joystick left and grabbing onto a ledge on the pillar.

When you’ve landed there, go ahead and shimmy around until you can get to the next pillar with a backwards jump.

Scramble up a ledge, and work your way around all the way to the right, then scramble up one more. From here, there is a lateral jump to be made. The landing will require steadying yourself, and you will need to go left and scramble up from here. Scramble up to the next area, and you will see your target destination by shimmying left.

When you’re there, use the Scion of Tichocan as a key. Go ahead and jump down.

Go back to the pillar, and at the cross roads (remember what this is) Make a lateral jump and use the grapple. You should be able to see the pillar that you are swinging for. Go ahead and increase your swing length to get at it.

If you aren’t on the top ledge of this pillar, get there. Now, Shimmy all the way left and make a backwards jump.

You’ll land on a bottom ledge, where you can scramble up to a middle one. In order to use the next key ledge, all you need to do is scramble up, shimmy right all the way, and make a lateral jump.

But let’s get that artifact. From the middle ledge, shimmy left and make a backwards jump. Shimmy left from that ledge and scramble up to the next ledge. You should be able to scramble up from there and make a backwards jump to the Second Artifact.

I tried to jump from where this artifact was to the next spot, but it didn’t seem to work, start again, and follow the instructions before the last paragraph. Use the Scion of Qualopec.

The level will end with a huge cut scene. You’ll have to follow some hand motions, but it is to the next level.


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