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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 63: Natla's Mines, Part 2

Updated on July 29, 2008

Go ahead and drop down, and take the yellow box to the top of the office space again. You should be able to jump to the doorway from there.

Run down the hall, and jump the gap between the tunnel. When you get to the end, hang down and drop to the platform below. You can push the yellow box off the edge, as there are some tricky areas up ahead, and it is easier to get up from here than have to repeat the whole course over again.

After you have jumped to the next platform. run to the end and turn right to jump to a ledge that looks kind of far away. Scramble up to the next ledge, shimmy left, then perform a lateral jump. Steady yourself when you land.

You will need to make a difficult jump from the platform to the ramp, then jump as you slide. Try standing a few feet back from the slide before you jump. You can then jump to the next platform.

Stand on the end, which will be over a cyclone fence. Hang of the end and release. You will see a machine here, and if you hammer the front panel, a Green Fuse will be revealed. Take it and go to the edge. You may notice some odd place below, don’t try jumping down there, as you will visit it soon.

Instead, use the grapple to wall run to a nearby ledge. Push off left and grab it, then shimmy right to make a lateral jump to a ledge with a ladder. Climb the ladder and lateral jump when you get to the top. You will be on a ledge on another control station near the mine car, so just release and run back to the control station with the fuses.

Put the green fuse in its proper place, and push the button. Push the button on the red fuse area while you’re at it. A box on the crane will now be in a very different place. You must now leave the station, jump on some boxes outside, then jump to the very top of a box to get to the box on a crane. Grab the large medipack and jump on. Shimmy left around the corner and wait until you get under the second or third concrete tube before a backwards jump.

Take that platform to a tunnel, and take a left on the first chance you get. Go down two ladders, and you will find you are at an opening. You should be able to make a long jump to a ledge. Steady yourself and drop down one more ledge. You should be able to release to the floor.


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