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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 66: Natla's Mines, Part 5

Updated on July 29, 2008

To get back, hop on a pole, then another pole, until you get back to a slide. You can take the pole, and there are two ways form here.

Jump off of the pole right away and you will find a ledge that you can shimmy right. Scramble up until you reach the top of the pillar.

You can also wait until the pole stops moving. Slide almost to the end and jump off. Too early will cause you to fall into the lava. Go all the way to the top of the pillar, then you can jump off.

If you want more excitement, turn around, you will find a grapple target. Swing to a ledge and find some ammo along with a medipack. Once you’ve acquired these objects, just swing back the way you came.

Go to an area with rocks. You will have to jump on a rock to the right, and quickly jump off. You will grab on to a ledge that will take you to the top. Do this three times, and then you will have to jump over to a ledge on the other side. From here, it is easy to slide to another ledge.

You will need to take out some other bad guys. Here there will be more special moves to perform. Make sure to grab the guns that they leave behind.

Now, the next thing you need to do is go into the concrete tents and note the pattern. You will then have to duplicate the pattern on the display near the door. This is like the star pattern in Greece. You will note that when you do this, some pillars will be raised on a level above you.

What you need to do is go up and step on the pillars to lower them. This requires moving a box close to some ledges on each side.

If you want the artifact, jump up on the box and then to another step straight ahead. Jump up another step, and across a small gulf to another area. Keep going on that area until you come to a ledge, and jump up to it. There is a large medipack here.

Now you need to jump on the slanted edge, and jump off as you’re sliding down. You’ll land on a ledge, and you’ll need to scramble up that ledge. Shimmy right and make a lateral jump. Jump up a step and get to the top, and you’ll soon have the Fourth Artifact.

If you want to go left, then use the box to get up to the ledge, then go to another nearby ledge, and scramble up to the next ledge and haul yourself up. Jump up to another ledge, then shimmy right around a corner and make a lateral jump right. From here, you can jump down here to where the roof slants and you will see a tiny cave with a large medipack and ammo. You have to do one of those jumps up to that space, slide, and jump, and you’ll grab onto the ledge. Once you have hauled yourself up and grabbed the items, just drop down and work your way back to where you were before you dropped down. Jump up to another ledge, scramble up, and you won’t be able to get any higher from here.

From here, it is a matter of lowering those things you have just raised by jumping on the tops of them. They can be lowered in any order, so just do it. It can be very difficult to jump to another pillar as the pillar that you are on will begin to sink, but you will not lose health falling off. You can just slide down the slope and start again.

You need to work yourself up to the area where a lever can be pulled, and the door below you will open. Just work your way down from there, and there will be a new level.


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