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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 71: Final Conflict, Part 2

Updated on July 30, 2008

Here you will find the First Rubbing Reward: Natla. You will need to chisel to get to it. You can pull the lever here, and the ledge will move into the wall. You can’t stay on it, but there is a ledge that is moving closer to you. You should be able to jump on that one, but only when it is where it is closest. There are tracks along the side that should show you that.

Keep going down the hall, and you will meet up with a centaur, so you had better kill it. You will also see the artifact, but you won’t be able to get it just now. You need to go into this next room. To the left of the closed door is thing you must dust off, then you can make a rubbing. You will see 4 omega signs (ΩΩΩΩ), and you will need to go over into the corner and make them all turn that way. Just turn the top post to the right, and the second one down to the left.

You will find a harpy, so take it out. Go into the room with a pool, and you will have to deal with a harpy and a cat-mummy.

This room has some strange keys. What you must do is climb on the shield shaped things, and lower them. Then jump off and Z-target what it exposes. A harpy will come out after every one.

The first one is easy, but the second one has lava. Just jump to it, and when it lowers down, backwards jump. Lara can then shoot it, and the second gate will open.

Kill the Harpy and then Jump into the pool, and swim around until you find a lever. Pull it, and a ledge will appear.

Before you can get to the ledge, you will have to kill a cat-mummy. Take it out, and then go up the ledge into a small room. This room will have the Second Rubbing Reward: Torso Boss. Jump up to the small area above you and turn around. You will see something shinning on a ledge there. Jump to that ledge and claim the first artifact.

Go ahead and jump back to where you were and push off the cage. Jump down to this room, and move the cage to the rocky pillar. Jump up there, and take out the harpy. Then jump up to the ledge, and pull the lever. The door down from there will open, and if you push the box out into the hall, you should be able to get the Second Artifact.


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