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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 77: Croft Manor, Part 4

Updated on August 4, 2008

Go out the gate and take a left turn. Follow the path around a few corners until you get to a T-intersection. Go left from there and take the first right you see. You should then go right again (your back will be facing the back of a statue) and continue down that path until you reach another T intersection. From here, you can go left or right, but follow around until you get to a place with a statue. The Fourth Artifact will be here.

Go ahead and retrace your steps back to the fountain area and go back to the main hall. There is a door to the left of the fireplace that leads to the gym, so take it.

In the gym area are three ramps. Take the one marked “1” and jump to the pole. From the pole, jump to the ledge by the big rock in the wall, then shimmy left and lateral jump to the next ledge. Backwards jump to the pole, then climb up until you can make it to the ledge. Lateral jump to the climbing rock handhelds, the green ones. When you get to the top, just hit A, and you will get to a ledge. Haul yourself up and grab the small medipack and hit a button to raise some poles. Go ahead and drop down to the ground by hanging off of the edge and releasing.

Go to ramp number 3. Jump to the ledge in front of it, then scramble up one. Shimmy left all the way, and you will need to do a backwards jump with a grapple move. You should land on a ledge way on the other side, and you will need to drop down to the next ledge, shimmy right, and make a lateral jump until you hit the next button. A horizontal flip-pole will turn that will help you out later.

Go to ramp number 3 again. Take the ledge, scramble up to the next one, and shimmy right this time. Scramble up a ledge higher, then backwards jump to another ledge at that level. Shimmy right until you reach the end of ledge, then lateral jump to another one. From there, drop down one ledge and shimmy right until you can backwards jump and grapple. Release when you reach a high ledge. Shimmy all your way to the right until you can do a backwards jump to a flip-pole. The pole will turn, and you can flip to another area where you can grab a large medipack and flip a switch. You should be able to jump to some climbing rocks and release when you get down.


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