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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 79: Croft Manor, Part 6

Updated on August 4, 2008

You will also need to revisit the Library. Just go to the main stairs and take the left way up, and go through the first door. Walk down the hall and when you come into the room, you will notice a ring on the chandelier. Hook it with your grapple, and a hidden closet will open to reveal the Seventh Artifact.

Go ahead and take it and head back to the Garden Maze. If you keep following this area, you will eventually get to a fenced off area. This is the perfect place to use your wrench, and then twist it all the way around. There will be water in Croft Manner. There is a fountain nearby, so go ahead and fill your empty bucket with water.

Go ahead and get back to the main hall. Use the bucket of water on the fire and claim the Decorative Arrow.

Go to the right of the fireplace and follow until you get to the pool area. There is an item in this room that you must get, but it requires three preparation steps.

The first thing you will see is a target, and shooting it will make a board become a seesaw. You will need that later.

Also go to the statue with a spear and a ring on the end of it. Grapple the ring and pull and the spear will go down. You will need this for later as well.

There one last step of preparation as there is a large bucket with beams jutting from it. Move it in between two pieces of scaffolding. That also will be important later.

You are now ready to do what you need to do. Jump all the way to the top of the boxes in the corner, and then to the flip-pole. Go all the way left and flip, and you’ll get to an area underneath a circular patio. Shimmy all the way around, and backwards jump to some boards on the wall. Shimmy right and backwards jump to the spear that the statue is holding, and use it as a flip-pole to get to another area.

The first thing you will see is like a wheeled garbage can full of what looks like spears. Grab it and move it to circular area by the statue. You will notice a big X on the floor. Move the spears of the garbage can and the spear of the statue until they follow the pattern of that X. A secret panel will be revealed that you can shoot. When you do, part of a tunnel shall be revealed. This tunnel is in the pool below, and you won’t be able to access it now.


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