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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 8: City of Vilcabamba, Part 3

Updated on July 28, 2008

On the left side, go through the doorway and down the hall. Turn left at the room with the pool and go up the stairs. Turn right and jump to the ledge there. You then need to make a diagonal jump to the next ledge. Shimmy right and perform a lateral jump. When you get to the end, you will need to make a long backwards jump.

Haul yourself up and exit. Turn left down the hall, left, and left again. Before reaching a chasm, two bats will come at you. Kill them and jump across the chasm. You’ll soon come to a pole, and you need to jump off the edge toward it. The first hinge will be placed.

There is a ledge nearby, so hang off it and drop down to the next ledge. When you reach the floor, go to the right hallway. It is pretty much the same, but with a few exceptions.

For example, when you reach the room with the pool, jump in. There is a small medipack at the bottom. Swim over to the stairs, climb them, and jump off the edge to the ledge. Scramble up to the next ledge, shimmy left, then scramble to that ledge. Shimmy left again, then lateral jump when you get to the end. Shimmy left on the ledge, then climb up to the next area.

From here, it’s run down the hall, shoot the bats, jump across chasm, jump to pole, like you did before. It’s as if some programmers got a break from their programming and copy/pasted the next part, but had only some minor differences.

The next hinge will be in place, and the door down below will open. Go to a nearby ledge, drop off to the next ledge, then drop to the floor and leave.

You will soon reach a place where you must jump to an area and slide. If you want to, you can slide all the way to the bottom. There, you can pick up some shotgun ammo, but there is a wolf there that you must kill. To get back up, you need to grab the cage and push/pull it to the area near the slide. You can then grab a ledge and scramble up.

Now, take the slide and go to the flip-pole. Flip over to the ledge, then jump onto the precarious top of that pole, then over to the other side.

Keep going until you see a pit. Jump over to the ledge on the other side, and drop down on a nearby rock. You will soon be at the bottom of a pit.

Fortunately, there is a rock on the other side of the room. Jump on it, then jump up to the ledge. Shimmy across to the right until you reach the end. Backwards jump to the flip-pole, then flip to the ledge on the other side. Scramble up to the next ledge, then move left and climb up the area above. Jump to the top of the pole and to the other side.

Keep running down the hall, and the level will soon end.


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