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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 80: Croft Manor, Part 7

Updated on August 4, 2008

In the corner of this area is a rope, which needs to be shot. A statue’s line will be cut. Go ahead and drop to the floor, and take the boxes where you need to go. This time, instead of lateral jumping to the statue’s spear, backwards jump when you are on the planks. You will be at a section of scaffolding, so jump on the jutting pole, and jump to the other side. Now you know why I had you move the thing in between the scaffolds.

When you get to this side, jump up to some boards, and do a backwards jump with a grapple. Go to the other side, and you will be at an area with a statue of Atlas. There is something like a diving board here. Go to the end of the board and turn around, then grapple the ring in front of the statue. The globe will fall from his shoulders, and you can push the ball into the circular pressure pad. Another area will be opened up.

There is another rope that you need to shoot in the corner, so do it. Leave the room, and go to an area where there is a movable box. Go ahead and push the box to the floor. What you have to do now is jump to the seesaw board, and run to the other end as it is rising up. Jump off, and you should grab a wooden plank ledge.

If you miss, don’t worry, use the box that you just pushed off to get you up to a level where you can try again. If necessary, push the box to where you need to be. This will be obvious once you see it.

When you finally get to the wooden ledge, shimmy around the corner, then backwards jump until you are on some wooden planks perpendicular to where you are. You should be able to backwards jump to the top of a patio here. There is another rope to shoot here, and the statue will fall into the pool.

You will then need to get the Decorative bow from it. You can then swim to the tunnel, and halfway there is the Eighth Artifact. Grab it, and swim to the end of the tunnel where there is a lever. Take that lever and a passageway to the pool to the gym will open. Take that and go back to the main hall, and from there the Garden in the middle of the maze.

You should have everything you need for this last part. In front of the lever in the garden is a ring, so use your grapple on it. A panel will open, and you can put the Sculpture gear inside of it. There is a statue of a warrior, and special circles in front of them. Follow the pictures on the circles and you can put your decorative bow in one hand and the arrow in another. Go ahead and pull the lever, and a statue will drop a Music Box Cylinder.

Go ahead and grab that item and head back to the main room. You will need to go up the stairs on the right hand balcony and open the second door. Follow the hallway, and there will be a door that Lara can’t open until the Music Box Cylinder is placed there. Once you open up that door, the Croft Manor game ends.


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    • profile image

      Katie 6 years ago

      Yeah I've passed that part but on my game there is a third tunnel in the middle of the tunnel. Help!?