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Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition for the Wii 9: The Lost Valley, Part 1

Updated on July 28, 2008

The first thing you’ll find here is two wolves. After taking them out, you might notice a blocked cave.

Dive into the water, and you will see a tunnel. Swim through the tunnel and emerge to get a small medipack if you want it.

You will notice a big machine by the waterfall. This machine requires three cogs to move to the next level. You have a choice here of what you want to do. You can grab the first cog in the corner and go up that ladder, but I will describe that later. If timed trials are important to you, you can do that now.

In the meantime, take the two rock steps by the cog and you will see a ledge. Jump to it, then scramble up to the next one. Shimmy left and pull yourself up, then jump to the next step and get some shotgun ammo. Jump up one ledge and shimmy right all the way, then lateral jump to the next ledge. Shimmy all the way around to the right, and scramble up. Jump to the next ledge, then haul yourself to the other until you are at some steps.

Run until you go into a small tunnel, then at a broken bridge. Jump across the broken bridge. Jump up to a ledge, scramble up to another one, then backwards jump to a wooden ledge.

The game will prompt you to shoot something, two boards held up by rope. Shoot it, and a flip-pole will be revealed. Jump to the ledge, shimmy around the corner to the left, and backwards jump to the flip-pole. You should have no problem flipping to the edge on the other side.

If you do fall, the current will take you away until you go over the falls. You will not die, but you will have to retrace your steps back again. Sometimes that can be just as worse.

You will soon get to a place where a grappling target is located. Jump and swing across to the wooden area. There is a ledge to the right that you must jump to. Shimmy left, then scramble up a ledge, then to another. You then need to make a lateral jump to the right, and you’ll be at a new entrance.

Follow the hallway, and you will come to a bridge. To be honest, I never tried crossing it, but if there is a prompt to shoot something in the game, it is usually best that you do. I shot it, and there is a grappling hook ring there. Jump off, hook the ring, and swing to the other side.


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