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Tracfone W376 Weak Battery

Updated on July 9, 2011

Tracfone W376 Review

The Tracfone W376 is one of the nicest phone avaialble from Tracfone. There is a bit of an issue with the battery life. Several people have complained about the battery barely lasting a day or two.

The Motorola W376 is a step forward for Tracfone. They have historically sold bottom of the barrel basic phones. This phone fits into the middle of the road variety. It has some nice features and does not feel like a ten year old cell phone design.

Bluetooth, an FM radio, VGA camera, vibrating alert make this a nicely featured cell phone. If only we could use all the features the phone is manufactured with.

W370, W376, Nokia 1600

Bluetooth Semi Disabled

Yes Tracfone treats their customers like red headed step children still. The Bluetooth cannot connect to your computer to download pictures or your phone book. It has been disabled so it can only connect to a headset.

Weak Battery Solution

You can purchase a Motorola W370 for $20 and then have a spare battery and a spare charge that you can take to work.  Since it takes about two seconds to change the battery having a spare is a simple solution. 


Tracfone Motorola W376, W370, and Net10 W375

Great Price

The Tracfone Website has lowered the price on this phone.  This nearly free Tracfone perfoms quite well for the price.   

Tracfone W370, W375, Net10 W376

Tracfone DMFL

Tracfone has come up with a program called (DMFL) Double Minutes for Life.  If this is installed on your phone, anytime you add a Tracfone card you will get two times the number of minutes on the card.  Many of the newer phones have DMFL already installed.  The W376, W370, LG225 phones all come with DMFL included. 


Tracfone Rates

Tracfone is a Prepaid Cell phone company. You purchase the phone and you purchase minutes before you use them. Prepaid rates a couple of years ago were often 30 to 50 cents a minute. Tracfone has cut their rates a lot. The large denomination Tracfone cards give you a lot more minutes per dollar. If you purchase the $80 card and you have DMFL on your phone you will pay under 9 cents a minute.

Buying Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone issues Bonus Codes that give you extra minute when you add a tracfone card to your phone. These bonus codes can add between 20 and 300 extra minutes to the card you are entering.

Here is a link to a great Tracfone Bonus Code Tutorial


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    • profile image

      boehme 3 years ago

      how to change batteries?

    • profile image

      niky 7 years ago

      Trac Fone customer for over ten years and very happy. Went through 3 w376 phones after sudden battery failure. My wife has one for two years and hers is OK. Funny thing is I got a cheap Samsung for a replacement and it also went dead just like the Motorola did driving through the Catskills! Weird right?

    • profile image

      JamsMan 7 years ago

      This phone is sweet. I never have battery problems with it unless i fool around with it for hours but i keep myself too busy to do that. Anyone that can't recognize a good thing probably should not partake in it.

    • profile image

      E Harriman 7 years ago


    • profile image

      sam 7 years ago

      you didn't answer this man's question stupid---can't u read? He wants to know how to get the back off the phone,

      so do i!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ciro 8 years ago

      how do i get the bACK OFF TO CHANGE BATTERY

    • profile image

      Ryan B. 9 years ago

      My phone doesn't even last 24hrs. I have had this problem since the day that I activated this phone. I already had the W370 sp tried that battery since it would last around 5 days on a charge, and I got the same thing. I think it is a problem with my phone. Does anyone have any ideas?

    • profile image

      DianaS 9 years ago from Sacramento

      My battery may last 3-4 days unless I play tetris or leave a game in the middle to resume later. Then it may die within 2 1/2 days

    • profile image

      Molly Best Tracfone Deals 9 years ago

      I have been an a Tracfone customer for several years. I have found that buying the deals at the website is always the best deal.


    • profile image

      Molly Best Tracfone Deals 9 years ago

      I have been an a Tracfone customer for several years. I have found that buying the deals at the website is always the best deal.



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