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Train Your Brain

Updated on January 13, 2007

Color Sudoku Puzzle

I received a color Sudoku puzzle for Christmas. I had played the traditional numbers Sudoku before. I must say that the color Sudoku brings a whole new element of visualization, memory training, challenge and fun to this popular memory improvement game.

Color Sudoku has nine different colors of balls. The objective is to fill each of the nine 3x3 squares with one of each color, every row contain only one ball of each color and each column must contain only one ball of each color.

The color Sudoku puzzle I received comes with all the instructions, 104 different puzzle cards, instructions and the solutions to all puzzles. The puzzles are ranked from very easy to very difficult.

Sudoku has been claimed to help improve one's memory. I tend to agree with the claims. It does make one think and try to memorize multiple moves while challenging your ability to use logic, deductive reasoning and develop common sense and skills while having fun.

Sudoku should be fun for people of all ages. However, it may well have a very therapeutic benefit for seniors who are concerned with memory loss or old age illnesses causing loss of memory.


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    • profile image

      memoryman1 10 years ago

      Sudoku puzzels are a great way to exercise your brain. I play one at least every other day. A few other fun games are cross word puzzles and mahjong