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Recipe: Stealth Tuna Salad For The Secret Agent On The Go

Updated on March 18, 2008

Every one of these...

Needs one of these...

Psssst. Are you a secret agent in need of food? You've come to the right place, friend. Sometimes when in the middle of a stealthy mission, you need to get yourself some nourishment. The kitchen may only be a few steps away, but time is of the essence. You need something that is going to be quick to prepare, nutritious, and most of all, light on the stomach, so that if you suddenly need to leap out of the window and shimmy down the drainpipe to freedom, you're good to go.

Tuna salad is one of the easiest dishes to prepare, no matter what your level of cooking ability. As all you need to do is combine tuna, salad ingredients, and some dressing in a bowl, tuna salad is an incredibly quick meal that is also very healthy indeed.

The Secret Formula:

  • Carrots (Though I often skip these because you have to peel AND grate a carrot, and who has time for all that when there's things to do and places to be. Imagine how silly you'd feel if you missed your meeting with the one eyed Russian simply because you were too busy grating your carrot.)
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Tuna
  • Salad Dressing

Assembly Instructions:

The preparation is simple. Simply take a sharp knife (you're sure to have plenty of these about), and hack all the ingredients into little pieces, minus the canned tuna, of course.

Combine the ingredients in a bowl.

Open your can of tuna just a wee bit and let the fish juice run out into the sink.

Then toss that tuna on top of your salad and give it a good mix around whilst adding the salad dressing that we spoke of earlier.

Et bureau de change! You are done with your salad!

Hastily consume it in a corner of the room whilst keeping an eye out for incoming hostiles, or any strange goings on. If the birds suddenly stop chirping, make a quick exit. Sure, it could just be a hawk passing overhead, but you can never be too careful. I recommend bursting through the window into a dive roll and fleeing across the neighborhood just as a precaution.


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    • Sally's Trove profile image

      Sherri 9 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

      Not to mention the doggie in disguise, who stealthily seeks her opportunity to add tuna juice to her kibble.

      And not to mention the cat, who would bite my ankles to shreds if I didn't give him that juice that went down the drain.

      Maybe you don't have a cat?

      Nice hub!

    • annemaeve profile image

      annemaeve 9 years ago from Philly Burbs

      Excellent recipe, Hope! But I was appalled at the suggestion to pour all that yummy tuna juice down the sink. Surely it needs to go to the cat-scratching, atomic-hairball-hurling super-kitty who guards your swanky urban loft while you're out kicking bad-guy butt!