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Updated on July 9, 2008

Turtle Adventure


Sunday as usual, is our family day. My father was thinking his mother in law (which is my grandmother) to Singapore Turtle Museum. Erm.. it didn't seem an interesting place to me. As the last time I remembered being to zoological garden was way back when I was in Primary school. Ever since then, I had never stepped into any places that has animals. Well, after he suggested, none of us had any objections at all.

We went there straight after lunch. Having this thought in mind, "what's there to see about turtles?' As we went in, there were thousands of turtle collectibles, from key chains to dolls to wind charms.. Staying in Singapore for so long, I don't even know there is this Live tortoise and Turtle Museum. As we went to area, we saw tanks, tanks where turtles were kept. Okay, it didn't really attracted me until one caught my attention. I saw this longest neck turtle. I was quite fascinated. I know that there were a lot of different species but all these while I thought that they all look alike. When I never have a chance to see it, I am thinking " Turtles are just turtles. What so fascinating about them?" I was wrong. None of it actually looked the same. The first turtles are believed to have existed in the early Triassic Period of the Mesozoic era, about 200 million years ago. Probably they are our ancestors.

The common ones that we often seen and kept as pet are terrapins. Apart from that, there are species like the most dangerous one known as Alligator Snapping Turtle which looks very much like a dinosaur to me. A pig nose turtle which it's nose looks like a pig. As we were about to explore even more, it started raining. Everything had to stop. We had only seen part of the Turtle Museum. It was so disheartening...

My grandmother could not stay too long as her legs hurt when she walked too much. We had to off a day after that. It was not so much of an adventure after all. Perhaps, it would if we stayed longer. Guess I need to go there again some other days and really take my time to be with turtles. After all, it is not so bad about viewing at turtles. They are rather cute, I would say. Unique and interesting creatures

It's just a tour


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