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Twelve Reasons Why A Nintendo DS Lite Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Updated on January 23, 2008

This one goes out to my fellow gamer girls out there. Boyfriends are okay, and they certainly have some additional hardware features that are quite pleasing, but when it comes down to it, a DS Lite has a few advantages over your average boyfriend.

1. It's really hard to play Zelda on a boyfriend.

2. Your DS wont feel like less of a DS because it's wearing pink

3. When your DS Wirelessly connects, it doesn't download several gigs of porn.

4. Your DS never tells you it needs a boys night out and leaves you alone to play with yourself.

5. You can turns your DS on and off at whim, unlike a boyfriend, who can be turned on at a whim, but then insists that you play the game to completion.

6. Your DS won't finish by itself and power down in the middle of the game.

7. There's never any need for protection when you're playing a DS.

8. Your DS doesn't freak out at the idea that you might be the only person that ever plays it ever for the rest of its whole life, man.

9. Your DS won't ever get irritated with you because it's trying to watch the game.

10. Your DS will sit quietly and not complain at all when you spend two hours trying to decide between the red skirt or the blue, and it won't nearly explode with rage when you eventually buy neither, then come back a day or two later with both the red, the blue, and the green because it was on sale.

11. If you don't feel like playing for a few days, or weeks, your DS won't start getting on edge and looking for someone else to play it.

12. You can take your DS home to meet your parents without fear of it telling your dad fabricated stories about the time it milked a cat. (Don't you just hate it when guys do that?)

In case you couldn't tell, I love my DS with a passion that may just transcend the petty notions of time and space. Unfortunately our union may never be complete, as in my homeland, marriage between a woman and a machine is still looked upon as an abomination. Thus each day I shake my fist to the cruel skies and pray for change. Then I sit down and play THPS Proving Ground, utilizing that ultra bright screen that lets you play on even the sunniest of days.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is one of the first such "blog?" posts I've had the pleasure of reading and I can say that it was delightfully entertaining.

      Number 10, oh so true. :)

      The bit about getting all three skirts that is. >_>

    • profile image

      Cheap Ds Gamer 

      9 years ago

      Number 5: Unless it runs out of batteries. I laughed while reading this, pretty clever

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      10 years ago

      You should get one, I hmmed and hawwed for a long while, but then I caved and got one and it is beautiful. It's the pink one in the picture, and the games for it are amazing. I wasn't expecting the depth in game design, and even the graphics, whilst not being quite up with the PSP are very well rendered and very 'Nintendo' in their execution. For anyone who is a fan of the Nintendo way of gaming, this makes a great addition to their collection.

    • Whitney05 profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      HA. this is funny! Plus, I'm considering a DS Lite, and my relationship is going downhill. Perfect timing. Ha.


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