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Ulysses 31 Cartoon Videos

Updated on October 19, 2007

Ulysses 31 Cartoon Background

Ulysses 31 is basically an updated version of the Greek myth involving Ulysses. Ulysses 31 is set in the futuristic 31st century. Ulysses wishes for himself and his son to be reunited on earth with his wife.

Ulysses's son Telemachus is kidnapped and taken to Cyclops. Cyclops is a one-eyed robot that is worshipped by a group of admirers. Ulysses kills Cyclops and brings about a curse cast on him by the ancient Greek gods. The gods put the spaceship crew to sleep and set Ulysses, his son, an alien girl, and a robot to search for the Kingdom of Hades. Finding the Kingdom of Hades is the only way back to earth.

Watch the full-length very first episode of Ulysses 31 right here and relive the Ulysses 31 theme song.

Ulysses 31 Theme Song and Opening Intro

Ulysses 31 Cartoon Video- Vengeance of the Gods- Episode 1, Part 1

Ulysses 31 Cartoon - Vengeance of the Gods - Episode 1, Part 2

Ulysses 31 Cartoon Video - Vengeance of the Gods- Episode 1, Part 3 of 3

Ulysses 31 Cartoon Photos


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