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Vestalife Ladybug iPod Dock Speaker

Updated on March 28, 2008

Considering all the iPod docks that are out on the market today, it was interesting to see technology imitating nature with the Vestalife Ladybug. Clearly, somebody in the research and development department really admired the fancy way ladybugs unfold their wings, so they took that concept and made it into and iPod dock with fold-out stereo speakers.

The Ladybug is able to produce some terrific quality sound with the two foldout speakers. Not only that, they also have a three-inch subwoofer on the other side. All of these combine to produce some clear sound with its digital amplifier technology.

All of this is designed to produce something you can keep in a room and fill it with some great music. It is not hard to see why the Vestalife Ladybug was a 2008 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree, nor why it was a Best of Show winner of the 2008

Speaking of control, the Vestalife Ladybug includes a remote that allows for total control of the apparatus. Unlike other iPod docks, which involve the user interacting with the iPod itself for the music, the remote will actually activate the iPod menus from across the room.

The Vestalife Ladybug operates via DC outlet or 4 AA batteries. Fortunately, there is an automatic shut-off so power will not be drained. Speaking of power, this might be a good time to let you know that the Ladybug can power up the iPod as it is playing. There is also a USB connector for synchronizing with the computer. There are also Aux out and functions that allow for connecting to larger speakers, and even video.

In regards to video, I probably need to say the only problem that I had with the Vestalife Ladybug. I had a hard time playing video when my iPod was resting on its dock. Unless I had the video playing, then put it on the dock, I would not get any video footage. Other than that, I had very little difficulty with the product and would recommend it. .

The Vestalife Ladybug kit includes the device itself, an AC cord, a tote bag, as well as dock connectors for the 5g, nano, and iPod mini. You should be able to purchase the VestaLife Ladybug for about $110 USD in red or silver. There are other colors that will soon be made available, such as the Element Skateboard limited editions. These special patterned editions are available at a slightly higher price of about $125.


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    • Jordan Riley profile image

      Jordan Riley 7 years ago

      Useful discourse that you have presented. Can’t wait to see your new hubs

    • profile image

      mika 9 years ago

      wow this ladybug shaped speakers looks really nice.

      check this for more ipod dock and speakers