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Walking The Line Between Wolf and Man - The Werewolf

Updated on January 30, 2008

Snarling Wolf

A Werewolf might look like this if it opened his or her credit card statement by the light of the full moon...
A Werewolf might look like this if it opened his or her credit card statement by the light of the full moon...

How to avoid a werewolf:

  • Do not venture out on a full moon.
  • Grow wolfsbane around your door.
  • Stay strictly in the realms of the real.
  • Wear silver.

The Plant Wolfsbane

Do you hear the howling in the moonlight? Does your heart pound faster when the primal sound erupts from the throat of an unseen beast? Could it be that the darkness is hiding an ancient creature, not beast nor man, the Werewolf is doomed to forever be trapped between worlds, lusting for the fresh kill, and yearning for the bosom of mankind.

People have long been afraid of Werewolves (also known as Lycanthropes, or Lycans in certain popular movies), probably because they combine the powers of both wolf and man. With man's cunning and the strength and killing ability of the wolf, they seem like a natural apex predator. However, werewolves do have numerous weaknesses, such as wolfsbane and silver. Silver burns Werewolves, and being shot with a silver bullet is generally regarded as being extremely hazardous to their health.

Origins Of Werewolves

The origins of Werewolves lie back in the time of ancient Greece, where King Lycaon displeased the King of the Gods, Zeus, by presenting him with raw human flesh to eat. Although the Greek Gods certainly had their fair share of flesh eating in their history, Zeus was evidently trying to move away from the flesh eating thing. Much like a person on a diet confronted with a table of twinkies and coke, Zeus became enraged, and bought all his powers to bear when punishing Lycaon, who was transformed into a Wolf like beast - the Werewolf!

Werewolf Capabilties And Weaknesses

Werewolves are commonly regarded as being quite intelligent creatures, and incredibly strong as well, unless they are afflicted by silver, that is. Silver makes it difficult for a werewolf to think, and many believe that Werewolves can be enslaved by the placement of a silver collar around their neck. The placing of the collar without being torn to shreds by the Werewolf's sharp teeth and fangs is often considered to be the problematic part of that particular plan however.

Killing/Catching A Werewolf

There are various methods of killing a Werewolf, however those will not be entered into here, as it is obviously quite cruel to kill any living creature, and as Werewolves are very rare, and very endangered, killing one would be folly in the extreme.


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    • profile image

      aishwarya 5 years ago

      i am believe on werewolf

    • profile image

      aishwarya 5 years ago

      u have any prufe does it werewolf are there in real life?

    • profile image

      wolfman 7 years ago

      shut up

    • profile image

      vectera 7 years ago

      the gestation period for werewolf babies is 3 months. if a human becomes pregnant with a werewolves child the mother and baby will die because the body is not made for delivering a full grown baby at 3 months.

      does that help?

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I believe what you meant to ask was: how is werewolf babby formed?

    • profile image

      hm 8 years ago

      how do werewolves get babies???

    • profile image

      sofir jade 8 years ago

      uhmmmmm!!!!!hey there,, can i ask someting???K here it goes,, does silver bullets r d only thing dat can"wiken" a werewolf? i min comeon, not everyday ders silver bullets around us!!!!!!!or of course ders olso silver stuff everywer so ders no nid to ans. dat stupid question s der? tax anyway!!!!hehehehehe

    • Inspirepub profile image

      Inspirepub 10 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      LOL, love it, love it, love it ...

      You left out the part about the difficulties with the captive breeding program.