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Want to Be Happy?

Updated on April 23, 2008

Want to be Happy?


What Foundation Are You Building On?

As a child, I loved to build things. My brothers and I built several forts and tree-houses. I loved to play in the sand on side of the hill in southern Minnesota, where the sand was so white that it glistened in the sun. We would build sand castles and cities.

Besides building things, I loved to create. I remember the 8 mm camera my dad bought. I rounded my up brothers, dressed them in costumes, and directed my first movie, "Little Red Riding Hood." My littlest brother was Red Riding, and my other brother was the Big Bad Wolf. It was fun being creative.

Then, as I grew up, I bought a camera of my own and started a community television station in southern Minnesota called "FCTV". I also founded two churches with my husband. We have been pastors for almost 23 years.

I believe that the Lord gave us the wisdom and understanding to build and create these things. Whatever we do, we need wisdom and understanding to not only build and create, but to be able to grow and maintain what we have built.

I've been doing a study on the book of Proverbs and today as I read what made an impression on my heart was verse nineteen and twenty in chapter three. It says "The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding He established the heavens. By His knowledge the depths were broken up, and clouds drop down the dew."

I think it's really interesting that God, the Creator of the Universe used WISDOM to found the earth. And by UNDERSTANDING He established the heavens. If God, the Creator needed wisdom to do His work, I think I should need it too. If He by understanding established the heavens, I guess I need to have understanding too.

Wisdom is called "The Principle Thing" in Proverbs. It is to be desired above silver and gold. Chapter three and verse thirteen says, "Happy, is the man (or woman) who finds wisdom and the man (or woman) who gains understanding." I've never met a person who didn't want to be happy.

If wisdom and understanding is what God, our Creator used to create, and He says I need it, I guess I had better seek after and find it too! Besides, the other benefit to me and to everyone who seeks and finds wisdom and understanding is that they will be happy!

Now that's something to ponder...

Until next time...

Linda Cross


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