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War returns to WoW

Updated on September 26, 2008


I will say this right now, this post contains spoilers. Major spoilers concerning the plot line of WotLK.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, what have we been missing in warcraft? Story and lore. There have been a few storylines that have been good, but nothing that really takes it home. They do know. As some people know, the Horde and Allaince have an uneasy peace after the events in Warcraft III. It has held, with some fights breaking out here and there. In WotlK, it all comes to a head.

First, go here and watch this video. Intrigued? I hope so, because we just saw the death of two prominent lore figures. The follow up quest utlimately end with the newly returned King of Stormwind declaring war on Thrall and the horde. Open war. Even though the idiotic king saw the forsake's plan, and Jaina Proudmore herself attemtping to stop him, he still declares war. Getting ready to go against one of the most poweful if not the most poweful entitiy in Azeroth, and he divides the forces even more.

This move opens up so many different plot lines and story possibilities. Blizzard really needs to take the inititive here and allow a player to defect. From a roleplaying viewpoint, my gnome could not and would not attack the horde based on these events, and would resist the king. There needs to be an option to allow us to swear our allegiance to thrall.

With the new lore tie ins, the rich history, and hints of Sargeras himself, the expansion looks to knock the ball out of the park in a move true fans of warcraft lore have been looking forward to. No more kill this person because he is bad, you get to do the quest and see for yourself their evil.

Keep up the good work blizzard.


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