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What are the best ways to overcome your fears

Updated on May 13, 2008

Overcoming Fear

Fear is an emotion that can paralyse us. It can hold us back from enjoying life to the fullest. Fears can hold power over us and distort our personalities. In short, fears block us from enjoying life to the fullest.

Identifying Your Fear

There are many types of fears and the first step in overcoming your fear is to identify it. Exactly what are you afraid of? Be specific. At one time I thought that I was afraid of spiders. In reality I was only afraid of certain spiders - spiders with hairy legs. I could touch small spiders but tarantulas, no way! (I am over that not.) So be specific in identifying your fear.

How Does The Fear Effect You?

The next step in overcoming your fear is to write down how this fear is effecting your life. How does it impact your relationships with the people you love? Does it impact your job? You ability to function normally? Be specific and make the list as long as it needs to be. Put some thought into it. This list will help to motivate you to overcome your fear.

What's Holding You Back?

Next, think about what beliefs, what thoughts block your desire to overcome this fear. Be real. If you are afraid of heights it is probably the fear of falling. If it is a fear of public speaking, you are probably afraid that people will not like you. Put some thought into this. It is an important step. Sometimes what we are afraid of is totally different from the way we manifest the fear.

A Game Plan To Overcome Fear

Once you know what the fear is and how it effects you, you can begin to conquer your fear.Think about what specific behaviors you will need to develop to overcome your fear. If you are afraid of heights this might include climbing a ladder. In my case with the spiders, I had to touch one. If it is public speaking, you would need to talk in-front of a small group.

Next, learn everything that you can about your fear. Read about it, search it out on the Internet. Knowledge is power. Once I learned that only a very few spiders are poisonous and most spiders only bite when disturbed I was able to begin to think about touching a spider.

Take a first step but make it a small step. Once you know what your fear truly is and you have learned all about it you are ready to take a step to overcome the fear. Take a small step. If you are afraid of heights don't try sky-diving right away. Work up to it. Climb a ladder and look down. Once you can do this you can take another step. With each victory you will be growing stronger and will eventually overcome the fear.

Once you have overcome your fear be careful not to allow the fear to creep back into your life. Old thought patterns will try to resurface from time to time. When they do remind yourself of the truth - there is no logical basis for your fear and you have already overcome the fear.

Laughing In The Face Of Fear

Sometimes laughter can help us overcome our fears. Maybe not, but this videois still funny and makes some valid points.


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    • DougsHub profile image

      DougsHub 9 years ago from Australia

      Thankyou Smiling Cat. I am trying to understand how to deal with phobias. I appreciate your efforts.

    • profile image

      dianado 9 years ago

      Great great hub. I follow these steps to release fears too and have received such lasting effects from following them. Love the video!

    • Smiling Cat profile image

      Smiling Cat 9 years ago from Deerfield Beach, Florida

      The Mad TV video is for anyone that has ever counseled someone. It makes me smile just thinking of it. Thanks for the comments!

    • safetyfirst profile image

      safetyfirst 9 years ago

      Great information here. The Mad TV video is hillarious. Thanks for finding it.

    • shotgunbanjo profile image

      shotgunbanjo 9 years ago

      thanks for the info, one way of making yourself getting comfortable with!!!!

    • greatinfosite profile image

      greatinfosite 9 years ago

      Smilling cat,i'm glad that you seem to be the only one who had answered straight to my question :-) good job ! other than phobia, perhaps you can consider expanding your hub by touching on areas about the kind of emotional or financial aspect that are holding us back ,that prevents us from moving ahead or reaching our goals.

    • Josh Tam profile image

      Josh Tam 9 years ago from Kch

      smiling cat, no problem!

    • Smiling Cat profile image

      Smiling Cat 9 years ago from Deerfield Beach, Florida

      Josh, that is excellent advice. Thanks!

    • Josh Tam profile image

      Josh Tam 9 years ago from Kch

      This hub is informative! Thanks. Well, I'm not sure what I fear, but when I have that feeling, it is often because the thing I fear can either startle me, put me in a situation that I would not want to be in, or affect my health, wellbeing or life.

      When I feel fear, I will evalute whether that fear factor can startle me, put me in a situation that I would not want to be in, or affect my health, wellbeing or life. If all 3 of those is a NO, then I tell myself: "I have no reason to be afraid of this!"

    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 9 years ago from New Brunswick

      overcoming fear is a vital personal growth step.