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What you MUST know before you get your new puppy

Updated on June 2, 2010

Trouble is a big mouth....

Don't be fooled by the cuteness...

Puppies are creative wee things....

So you're ready to bring home your new fuzzy little bundle of joy. Your mind is full of images of going for walks with your puppy, playing fetch, lazing about together in front of the television,.perhaps even having your best friend bring your slippers at the end of a hard days work.

Consider your bubble about to be burst. Some of the things I am about to say will sound harsh, and your puppy may not do all these things. Many puppies are perpetrators of the crimes about to be mentioned however, and it is better you realize this in advance rather than be horrified when you discover them.

This is also not an exhaustive list, no doubt your dog will find different, new, and interesting ways to impact your life in a colorful manner. Dogs are great, and I love them, but as any owner knows, they can be the bane of your life, especially if they are not trained properly and given care, love and attention.

Without further ado, let us bring on the litany of horrors...

Puppy will destroy things

Puppies are adorable. Unfortunately they also have an insurmountable urge to chew on things with their sharp puppy teeth, possess and poor bladder/bowel control. These factors combined mean that your house may never be the same after the introduction of a new puppy. You will have accidents, carpets may be ruined, (depending on whether or not you fall for the “he seems toilet trained” trick,) and things will be chewed up. When I say 'things' I mean couches, bed covers, cushions, curtains, shoes, whatever you let your dog get his mouth on. Be prepared for this in advance, puppy proof your home, and make sure your puppy has plenty of approved things to chew on. Be aware that even if you do this you may one day discover a sneaky hole in the back of the couch, or in your favorite coverlet.

Puppy may not want to please

“Oh but dogs just want to please you,” people say. Sure, sometimes they do, then sometimes they really want to chase that cat down the street. Odds are that if it comes to a decision on whether to listen to you or chase the cat, most young dogs will chase the cat. He will not be happy if you scold him, but don't think that your scolding will change the fact that he would do it all over again if he had the chance. They like it when you're pleased, but they also like to please themselves too.

Training takes time

A long time. This of course depending on you, your particular dog and its particular temperament. Some dogs respond well, others are a little slower, but no puppy comes trained. This sounds obvious, but many people are unprepared for the months of effort and time it takes to instill good behavior in your puppy. I'm not talking about training it to dance on its hind legs on command either, some dogs can take a very long time (weeks, maybe months) to learn simple things like consistently walking on a leash without pulling.

Puppies are needy.

Your puppy will want to be with you a lot. It may follow you from room to room, and odds are it will not appreciate being alone. These things can be overcome, and in all likelihood will be, but it can be a pain in the posterior regions for a good while. Some puppies become so distressed at being left alone that they destroy things, howl the whole time, or urinate everywhere. Once again, this can be dealt with, but it takes time, patience, and isn't much fun to find that your home has been subjected to an impromptu design overhaul involving puppy boldily excretions.

It's not all bad...

Having said these things, if you persevere through the puppy stage and invest the time needed to train your dog to be a good fit for your life, you will have a loyal and loving friend for many years. In the meantime just restrain the urge to re-home your delightful pet, take a deep breath, and invest in some good cleaning products. You will need them.


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    • profile image

      brandee 9 years ago

      those are cute puppies

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Christopher? What happened Christopher? Did the puppy get you?

    • profile image

      Christopher 9 years ago

      You're right, there's a lot to consider when getting a puppy. It's a big committme ...