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When Will They Make a New Garbage Pail Kids Movie?!?!

Updated on January 15, 2009

 It seems to be the age of remakes.

They brought The Simpson's to the big screen, Garfield, Inspector Gadget, and they have been remaking nearly every horror flick that has ever been made.

So...why not a remake on The Garbage Pail Kids?!

I must be one of the very few blessed folks to have ever caught Garbage Pail Kids on TV back in the 80's, because nearly everyone I mention this movie to looks at me like I have 2 heads. Some are even bold enough to actually say 'they never made a movie!'

Ugh, they did too idiot!

How the hell could one be born in the 80's, and manage to miss The Garbage Pail Kids on the tube?

You mention Garbage Pail Kids to anyone anymore, and immediately they assume you are talking about the stickers and card decks with the crappy teeth shattering bubble gum.

I'm sure many of you have seen the cards. The vile little hand drawn cabbage patch rejects, how I wish I could have them all.

Maybe you still have a favorite sticker card that you saved from when you were a kid.

There was a movie though folks, and what a movie it was. I'm sure some of you may of had parents that thought the freaky looking Garbage Pail Kids were too scary looking for viewing. Maybe that's why you missed it? Or maybe you were just afraid of their big giant heads?

For us hardcore 80's kids though; (the kids who had a mom that smoked pot, and a dad who was always away at work; we got the opportunity to be plopped in front of this comedic adventure) so long as we were happy, mom didn't care what we watched.

The movie does not feature every single Garbage Pail Kid. It focuses on just a handful of the misfits. Windy being my personal favorite.

The humor thrown into the movie seemed to be more targeted at young adults/teens where fart humor is hilarious, burping is cool, booger eating is a hobby, vomit is funny, and eating human body parts is a way of life.

Hell, for nearly a year straight my brother and I would go around mimicking a particular funny part in the flick. I'd hold my stomach and say 'I don't feel so good', and then my brother would say 'what'd you eat?' then I'd say 'everything', and then I would begin to upchuck some fake heaves of puke all over the place (usually it was my chewed up dinner).

The 'inside joke' got so old, and so disgusting, my mom eventually took the movie away from us for a good year or so. Seriously, that was a hole to our hearts because we thought that The Garbage Pail Kids were the coolest thing since Popples.

In my opinion though, the films sense of humor was just too far ahead of it's time. We were in an era where people still viewed things like farting and burping as vile, and not at all funny.

However with cartoons like Family Guy and South Park becoming more and more popular; the grosser it is, the better.

I think 2009 is totallyready for another sick, puke fest of a flick. I think if The Garbage Pail Kids were introduced now to the big screen, it would likely be a huge hit, not only with all of us 80's kids, but with our newer generations. (That is, if you are willing to let them watch it)



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    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 9 years ago from Earth

      Id cry so hard if my mom took my cards. She took the movie away though, because it was the reason my brother and I kept fake air farting, and reciting lines from the film. lol. Man... good times.

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

      You know what, you just brought back a bitter memory as I remember my mom taking away all my cards, and not letting me watch the movie. She had religion in the 80's so I missed out on many good things. :(