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Who Built the Cross

Updated on September 18, 2008

Who Built the Cross by Bonnie Ramsey


As Christmas Time was drawing near

And the Christmas tree went up,

I thought I'd build a wooden cross

And have it all lit up.

I pieced together strips of board

And as I drove each nail, I thought

How guilty I would feel if I had

Built my Savior's cross.

Once the stake was mounted

And the cross was in its place,

I thought about him hanging there

And the look upon his face.

As I strung the lights back and forth

My eyes began to see...

That it wasn't me who drove the nails

But my Savior died for me.

For every bad deed I'd ever do,

He was the one who'd suffer loss.

Although my hands didn't drive the nails,

My sins helped build the cross.

After hours of nailing and stringing lights,

I stood back, amazed to see

A beautiful, life-sized, wonderful sight

But the guilt still tortured me.

For, there've been times I was too busy to pray

Or to read his word, so rich and free

And yet, he somehow found the time

To shed his blood and die for me.

Yes, we should all help carry the guilt

And keep him in all of our thoughts.

Because although we didn't drive the nails,

Our sins helped build the cross!

© 1993 Bonnie N. Ramsey

Bonnie Ramsey


This poem was actually a true experience. It took over

16 straight hours to finish that cross and it stood on the

hill at my parents' home every Christmas until 2005, when

it was no longer operable. There will soon be a set of 3 on the

same hill representing Jesus in red (symbolizing his blood),

The thief who repented in white (representing his salvation) and

the thief who denied him in Amber (representing hell fires).



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