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Work Wanted Work Found Jobs online

Updated on January 7, 2009

Work Found Online

I went on a job search yesterday online. What I found was mind boggling. There before me were jobs, not just a few, hundreds and hundreds of jobs!

This is what I want to know. Why is the unemployment rate so high and so many people are out of work? Now I'm not talking about the poor souls who went to work yesterday to find out that their jobs would not be there tomorrow. No, I'm talking about the people who have been looking for work for months and are still unemployed??

A few simple search words in Google or Yahoo and bingo, page after page of help wanted ads. Oh but they are mostly for professionally trained or college grads you ask. Uh, NO! I found tons of jobs for general labor. Like I have offered in my hub "How to find Demonstration Jobs" FREE!! Yet, no one has taken my offer. No one has inquired about the companies I have spoken about. I was pleasantly surprised to find when I did a search with my title, I came up on Googles first So most of my traffic I see in my stats is coming from Google searches.

These are people who are looking for work as a product demonstrator. Or looking for companies who offer that kind of work. There I am, offering them a FREE list of national companies I have personally worked for. Yet, no one takes my offer.


Seriously, I drive around my home town looking at the "help wanted" signs in the store windows. I have a friend who works at a gas station and they have had their sign up for 2 years. They can not keep people who want to work.

Is it because these jobs do not pay enough? How much is enough? Like myself I know a lot of people who are working two jobs, just to make ends meet.

YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY. If that means working two jobs then so be it.

So why are there so many people not working? Is it because they can't find jobs? I don't think so, as it only took me a matter of minutes to locate hundreds of local jobs in my area and thousands of national jobs. I think our "unemployment benefits" are to easily paid and why work when you can stay at home and still make money?

If I'm am way off base on this one, please comment me and tell me why there are so many people still out of work. In the mean time I'm going to start posting some links in here on places I went to to find jobs.

If you are seriously looking for a job, First make sure you have a decent resume printed out and saved in a file. Then just start sending it in to the companies who need new staffing.

If I can help even one person find a job and help them take care of their families then I will feel like there is hope. Anyone else willing to list job sources, please do so.

Like our next great President "Mr Obama" stated, "it is going to be up to all of us, to do our part, to help this country survive these tough times".

I'm tired of seeing people who are only out for their own personal gain. We all live in this house we call AMERICA! Guess what people, time to take care of our own and help these people find jobs. to start singing..."We are Family" lol..

peace and love


The links below were found with simple job searches.


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    • kckatt profile image

      kckatt 8 years ago

      Thank you Chicago for your post on another great job site search.

      Let us hope and pray that someone who needs work will be helped in

      finding a job.

    • profile image

      Chicago10k 8 years ago

      another great free job site is