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Workers' Compensation Flaws - The Media Has A Responsibility To Inform!

Updated on August 18, 2007

The other night, I caught myself watching “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, the new music trivia game show. I was surprised at all the songs I actually didn’t know the words to (I thought I was the queen bee when it came to old school lyrics.). While I knew I’d put the show in my lineup of things to watch next week, I was irritated at myself for setting myself up to get hooked on yet another inconsequential program. Especially since I’d recently read an article about the lack of media coverage for an issue as important as the failing workers compensation system. This is a systems that is so flawed, it is destroying countless lives. You’d think you’d hear more about it on television.

When I refer to “the system”, I have reference to the Workers’ Compensation System all across the board, regardless of state. Although I’ve personally been a victim of California Workers’ Compensation legislation, my ongoing research is unveiling problems in many other states. The sad thing is, if it weren’t for the research I’m doing, I wouldn’t have known how far the problem ranges. And if it hadn’t been for my own injury in 2003, I wouldn’t even have known a problem existed! That brings me back to my point about media coverage, and what we as Americans are feeding our minds. I shouldn’t have to be an Injured Worker to know what my Rights and Entitlements are in the event of (God forbid) an on the job injury. If I’m informed on what and how the system works, I’ll not only know when it’s not working, but even have a say on what changes need to be made. Then, when and if, I need to take advantage of those benefits, I already know what benefits are available to me, and how to go about obtaining them. (This really dosen't apply to me now, because I've already been screwed!)

Point in case: Social Security. Look how long and how hard the issue of our future Social Security benefits have been an issue. Americans know about the Social Security problem (it’s talked about enough – I think they’ve beat the horse to death!). We have consciously, not covertly, voted on issues relating to the subject. Why can’t there be more dialogue and public discussion on the issue of Workers Compensation and treatment of Injured Workers? I don’t mean when election time rolls around and someone is just trying to get “kudos”, I mean while we’re sitting in our living room on a Sunday evening getting ready to partake of a night of media blitz.

It’s time we STOP allowing the Media to fill up our viewing hours with “Paris Hilton”, and “The Bachlor”, or who’s going to be voted off the island this week! What the hell does it matter what the next words are in the song Splish Splash I Was Takin’ A Bath? Wouldn’t you much rather know how you or a loved one will be provided for in the event of a work related injury? These and other topics that relate directly to our future are too important to take for granted, and leave to chance.

The article I mentioned earlier contains the comments of a woman (not named), who was an injured worker and her only medical coverage was workers’ compensation. According to the article, she contracted a chronic illness for life because she wasn’t provided “proper medical care in a timely fashion”. Her desire is to get victims and their families, as well as others, to rally together and expose the unfair practices of the Workers’ Compensation system. The media’s assistance in this matter is greatly needed, for obvious reasons.

Like the author of the article, I agree that the media has a responsibility to address issues that really matter to everyday people. They should also follow up, and keep the public updated with any related news. The media should shine like a beacon on the practices that are done covertly or hidden in the dark!

I endorse the Exposing The Workman's Compensation Nightmare of America's Worker's Petition to The Media.

I was number 1714. What about you?


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