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Working Solutions

Updated on December 20, 2008

Working Solutions - Start Your Own Business

Working Solutions - the new American Dream. Our parents dream was to own their own home - this generation will see more self employed and independent contractors than any previous generation - Combined!

The working solutions trend started when we were down sized, layed off, right sized and otherwise shown how dispensible we were after years of loyal service to big corporation. Pension plans dissolved and social security is not likely going to be available if you are under 35 and I am being generous.

It was after your 40 hour work weeks turned into 60 and 70 hours with subsequent cut backs, taking on more responsibility for the same and often less pay that you started looking for working solutions.

Your health suffered. Your families suffered. Your way of life has suffered and you are done suffering. You are now looking for working solutions that work for your health, peace, joy, happiness and abundance instead of against.

Taking back responsibility for your own financial security, personal freedom and creativity is the cornerstone of the working solutions revolution.

The Good Life - Your Working Solutions

Life isn't all fun and games when you are self employed!   It just seems that way.
Life isn't all fun and games when you are self employed! It just seems that way.

The Perfect Biz Finder Survey

Working Solutions - What is The Best Business

You are done with your job and you have decided to start researching working solutions. You know you are ready to start your own business but you aren't quite sure which business is right. And for that matter, how can you be sure you will make it?

That is a valid question. According to the US Small Business Association over 50% of all small businesses will fail in the first five years. You want to be sure you are on the right side of that statistic.

The backbone of this country is small business. Self Employed or Small business working solutions employed over 11 Million people in 2006 and the trend is growing.

So what is the safest business to start? What working solutions business will generate enough income for today and the future? How do you know you can do it?

There are several viable working solutions options. Which you prefer will depend on many factors including money to invest, skills, talents and resources. Some of the more common are listed below:

  • Franchise
  • Home Based Business
  • Internet Business
  • Network Marketing Business
  • Service Business
  • Day Trader
  • Importer Exporter
  • Ebay Business

Are You Ready To Be Self Employed?

What is your greatest concern?

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    • profile image

      Steve Little 8 years ago

      Hey Fran, Thanks for referencing my biz finder program. Your support means a lot to me. We are both interested in helping others live their self employment dreams.

      Entrepreneurial success really is a simple process -it is all about the right start. If more people took the critical first steps we discuss there would be less fear and a whole lot more people retiring from j.o.b.s and stepping into their own wildly successful small businesses. We have even had small business owners who after just 21 days open entirely new businesses aligned to their business dna. Small business ownership is a dream that can come true for anyone who desires it.

      Regards, Steve

      I'm standing for all that is possible for you in life and business.