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Workout At Home

Updated on June 4, 2008

I came across an article today talking about a heroic woman. A man attacked her from behind, but instead of being unable to defend herself, she fought the would-be attacker down and called the police. Stories like these remind us the necessity of being fit. It is not just about looking good for the guys, looking good for the girls, looking good like the models in the magazines, etc. It is a survival essential. You may be thinking: "Well, I can just sign up for a defense class." Defense classes will teach you the methodology, however, without the muscles, they are just as worthless as a book of recipes without pots and pans. And yes, although people have unfortunately devised ways to obtain a variety of weapons, and although adrenaline runs at the speed of light when one is in trouble, it is never a bad thing to increase your fighting chance. Thus, I've collected a bunch of easy ways you can exercise at home to increase fitness.

Jumping Jacks:

When you were in elementary school, your teacher made you do these ultra-simple routines and it seemed as if you can continue to jump forever. How many jumping jacks can you do now? Try to fit at least 3 sets of 50 jumping jacks each per day.


There are a variety of ways to fight the bone-tightening feeling due to age and stress.

For the arms and back: One arm behind the back reaches up to grab the hand of the other arm reaching down from the front and vice versa.

For the back: Lie on the front of your body. Then, lift your upper and lower body up, balancing on your pelvis like Superman.

Yoga moves:

The cobra: Lie on the front of your body. Push your upper body up with your arms and curve your back. Distribute your weight between your arms and your lower body.

For the legs:

Do lunges. Lunges can be done with or without weights depending on your current fitness level. If you started on your left foot, step forward with your right, and take another step with your right foot to land 1 step forward via lunging. See if you can lunge-walk your way from the living room to the bathroom, the living room to the kitchen, or wherever you need to go.

For your neck and shoulders: Make circular motions with your neck and shoulders. Warning: Neck cracking is very addictive, so don't do it frequently!

*Note: I did not specify the number of times you should do these, because I am not a licensed fitness trainer, and because it really depends on your fitness level. These are very simple routines that you can do and measure for yourself how many it takes to reach the limit.

Grocery Shopping and Traveling:

Walk as much and as fast as you can. After grocery shopping, bring your newly acquired weights with you for a speedy walk if possible.

Generally, diets do not work. My philosophy on eating is, if you move more, you can eat more. If you try to incorporate the above techniques in your daily routines, you will increase fitness. Good luck, and get fit!


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    • doncarlin profile image

      doncarlin 9 years ago from Tempe Arizona

      Good exercise tips for at home or the hotel if you are on the road. Thumbs up from me!