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Would Aliens Really Think of Earthlings This Way?

Updated on September 3, 2008

I admit, the interview with an E.T. at Arachnoid is both amusing and most likely truthful. It also tells us something about our cultural heritage with our relationship to creation. The Judeo-Christian religious influence upon the western world has had the primary responsibility here. "Have dominion over every living thing that moves on earth," is quoted in the first chapter of the book of Genesis in the Bible. But does that really mean that humans should openly exploit other species without giving a second thought in doing so? My guess is, no. The first chapter of Genesis concludes with God giving many vegetation plants for subsistence to humans. Again, should plants be exploited as another natural resource? Nothing is further mentioned about other natural resources being placed on earth for humans to use, such as oil, minerals, and so on. Of course, Adam and Eve didn't require oil to travel anywhere, chances are they used camels for that purpose. To go back to the interview, the main point the extraterrestrial makes is that from his point of view, the earth exists solely for its resources to be exploited by humans in order to make a profit, since that is how humans treat the planet. Living in harmony with creation is not going to be in the best interests of earthling corporations since their business is to make money, not harmony.

The extraterrestrial further describes the nature of the human condition as being malcontentedness with present needs being immediately met, or in human-speak, immediate gratification. It is this immediate gratification which has led to the overuse and overconsumption of earth's natural resources. In a nation with over 300 million people, that overconsumption is considered to be destructive to the planet, in the eyes of the E.T. Even though America is the most powerful nation in the world, we do not have the intelligence to put a rein on our overconsumption. The intellectualism that does exist in America is not developed enough to establish a real connection with the planet, according to the E.T., and our political leaders seem to exist in a vacuum outside of the environment, as well as real American lives. With this sort of attitude, of course our leaders are not going to think that resources are finite, assuming they can think to begin with.

True intelligence, to the extraterrestrial giving his report on Jupiter's moon Ganymede, means that the dominating species on earth, the humans, will set aside their greedy methods of resource exploitation and live in harmony with creation as it was meant to be. While we may be in the middle of the transformation the E.T. describes, whether we can fully progress to the final point of this evolution before the earth runs out of resources is another issue. Our happiness will have to lay elsewhere instead of material gratification which is costing the planet. Using natural resources then dumping the waste onto the environment, whether it is product packaging or gas emissions, will have to be eventually cut down as much as possible. The earth's population is another cause of concern for the environment. While the planet's present population is at 6.8 billion, it is projected to rise to 9 billion by 2040. Will the planet have enough resources for this many people? Probably not. We may have to resort to synthetic goods and food, something like what McDonald's already serves. Only time will tell.


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