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The Best Way to Get to Yankee Stadium

Updated on January 18, 2008

Hop On!

If u are looking for a really cool way to get to Yankee Stadium I have the answer for you. No, it's not the subway and it is not driving your car either if you even have one in New York. I'm talking about taking the water taxi to The Stadium! How cool is that?!?!

You can hop on bored the Yankee Clipper at the Port Imperial and Hoboken piers in New Jersey and at West 38th, Pier 11 (South Street Seaport) and East 34th Street locations in New York. The boat makes its' way up the East River for every game. No need to worry about finding a parking space or getting stuck underground on the slow-ass subway. That doesn't sound like much fun. But I'll tell you what is fun - The Yankee Clipper water taxi.

Taking the water taxi to a Yankee game is basically like having a floating tailgate party. They sell some food on the boat and they definatley sell some beers! I can surely tell you this much. It is so much fun. You will have a blast. I have done it like 5 times and hopefully will continue to take it in the future.

The Yankee Clipper costs like 20 bucks or somewhere around there. You should probably get to the pier a little early just in case. Last summer I took it with my cousins and they all said it was the best way to get to Yankee Stadium. Even if you don't like baseball it is totally worth it.

The boat goes up the river and you can see all of the great buildings of Manahatan on your left and then u can see Brooklyn and Queens on the right side. Pretty amazing views. The ferry is pretty big to. There is a lower section with a bunch of seats where the bar and food service is. Then there is a back and front section. Then the cool part is the uppper deck where you can sit outside and really have a good time.

It kind of takes a while to get all the way up the river to the stadium. But it doesn't matter cuz you have such a good time. Then when the ferry gets up to the bronx you just have to walk like 5 minutes and then you're at the stadium. Watch the game, have fun and then the boat will leave the stadium pier about half an hour after the end of the game. Make sure you make it back in time. That half hour goes by pretty quick. Hope you enjoy the Yankee Clipper water Taxi!


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    • profile image

      joe 7 years ago

      If you're going to correct someone, try getting the word "spoiled: right!!!

    • profile image

      Brits Abroad 7 years ago

      This is useful information, spoilt only by the fact you have to use the word 'like' when describing a scenario or situation. Use the Queens English 'like' you were taught at school.