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You should see my wife's puppies!

Updated on September 22, 2007

Well now, you should be ashamed. It is just a picture of my wife's puppies. Two lovable German Shepherds that watch after her and our property in the country. Pamela has seizures from time to time, and the "girls" will kinda alert me, by the way they act, when she may be having a seizure.

Meet Mia and Bella. They are both sisters from the same parent's, but, from different litters. They are 5 1/2 months apart. Yea, the breeder couln't keep mom and pop seperated long enough. They are very healthy dogs, and very lovable. They are the smartest breed that I have owned. I am a country boy, and have always had hounds of some variety. I'm not saying a hound is stupid by no means, but, I think a Shepherd thinks before it's next move.

Mia and Bella are CKC Registered German Shepherds. I really do not care about the registration as much as I do about how they respond to commands. Both, were very easy to train, and with a little repitition, they seem to retain it very well. They love chasing a tennis ball, and a squirrel as well. Living out in the country like we do, they get a chance to chase all sorts of animals. They have almost 5 acres that they roam, so, whatever, or whoever comes into the property, they are fair game.

Well, I hate that I may have dissapointed some of you, by the wording in my title, but, i did not lie! lol There is a picture of my wife's puppies, and they are natural. I just couldn't help myself. We love dogs of all types, so, leave some comments and pictures of your "puppies". Hope to hear from y'all.

Remember it's good luck to shake hands with a chimney sweep!


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  • profile image

    Chris Miller 9 years ago

    Really cute overloaded! Love licks,

    Chris Miller

  • Sweeps Luck profile image

    Sweeps Luck 10 years ago from Fountain Inn

    Thanks Whitney. Mia and Bella seem to be very popular names. Wife now is taking a new medicine called Lamictal, that seems to be working very well. Good luck with your brother too.

  • Whitney05 profile image

    Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

    Gorgeous dogs! Felt I should make a comment as my mother's dog is Bella, and mine is MIA. And my brother has seizures every now and then. His meds have evened them out though. Good luck with your pups and wish your wife well.