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ZAGG Invisible Shield

Updated on March 24, 2008

Considering the amount of wear and tear our mobile devices get every day, it would be worthwhile to have some kind of way to protect them. This is what the Invisible Shield by ZAGG Inc. is designed to do.

The Invisible Shield sounds like something from a Fantastic Four movie, but there isn’t really anything too amazing about it. The ZAGG Invisible Shield products are simple pieces of plastic designed to wrap snuggly around mobile electric devices. This Invisible Shield forms a great barrier around the device so that it does not hinder its usage.

I first saw this product at CES 2008 in Las Vegas, where one of the representatives had his iPhone covered with the Invisible Shield. He then brought out a Tupperware container filled with tacks and screws and put his Invisible Shield phone inside it. Then he shook the container with the iPhone inside! Yes, it was dramatic, and yes, he got his point across.

Normally, this would dent and scratch any cellular phone, especially the touchscreen capable iPhone, but the phone with the Invisible Shield came out without a scratch. The material used for the Invisible Shield is tough, and if you take a key and push it down over it, it will dent, but not break. Is it any wonder that this material was designed to protect helicopter blades?

Of course, the installation/application is a little complicated. The kit comes with the pieces of plastic, SHIELDspray, then a tiny squeegee. You must peel the plastic off, then spray it with the SHIELDspray. Then you apply the plastic to the mobile device, and use the Squeegee to remove any excess moisture or air bubbles.

The Invisible Shield recommends a period of 24 hours wait before you restart your gadget, and I can’t help but agree with that estimation. By that time, the Invisible Shield can dry, and you can then use it without any excess stickiness. I realize that most people can’t go one day without their mobile device, but twenty-four hours is a small price to pay for some extra protection from dents and scratches. Considering that many devices come with touchscreens, the Invisible Shield is able to keep them smudge-free.

The Invisible Shield is completely custom made, so you have to specialty order it. For example, the cover for an iPod 160GB will cost about $24.95 with full body coverage and $11.95 with screen coverage. However, the shipping is free. The company has designed the Invisible Shield for over one thousand devices, and if you’re the type who feels the need for a little extra protection, this is for you.


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    • profile image

      Chrisme2 8 years ago

      I've got four devices that could use this protection but I'm not sure I want to spend $25 x 4 on plastic. My buddy recommends gadgetshieldz full body protectin at $7 apiece and I think thats the only real option I got...this is just too expensive.