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all about Manila - the capital of the Philippines

Updated on November 6, 2008

Manila could be defined as Sacramento for California. a lot of people would think that Quezon city or Makati is the capital of the Philippines like San Francisco or Los Angeles since those areas are more busy and more business' around. Plus that is where the financial district is. However, Manila is still the capital for reasons I would say as:

Manila has the oldest church which is the San Augustin church. The Philippines is 90% Catholic/Christian country and catholic churches just seem very significant. Also Manila is actually the oldest city. When Spain invaded the Philippines they situated themselves in Manila where Intramuros is. Another iconic place is the Luneta Park, it was where the national hero Jose Rizal was shot and killed by the Spaniards.

The White House counterpart is the Malacanang Palace which is also located in Manila. It is where the President of the Country stays.

Manila Cathedral is another Catholic church that until now most brides to be want to get marry in. It is one of the most expensive churches and someone being married there just feels really special.

A lot of colleges and universities are also located at Manila. They might not be the best in the country but Manila has more than 20 Colleges and Universities in it. San Sebastian College, Far Eastern University, Centro Escular University, San Beda, Arellano University, De Lasalle University, Mapua Institute of Technology and many more to name a few.

Manila is a very busy city especially during the school year. Students from everywhere are in the area. There are several dormitories and apartments for students who came from faraway provinces. Since traffic and parking is really bad students would rather get a dormitory or share an apartment.

Manila may not be ultimately clean at times too, especially since the Philippines is in the tropical region which means typhoons come and go. Manila still floods and when I say flood it is usually above the waist of a 5 foot tall woman. The sewage system is still bad. Try as they might they have cleaned it but due to poor plumbing system and lack of budget the city tries to take care of some other things.

I have personally lived in Manila for 3 years during college. It wasn't the best place to live in but I had share of fun. For instance there's always bargain shops. If you know how to be cheap it is the place to be. If you have deep catholic faith there is the Quiapo church to hold novenas in. Movies houses are everywhere too.

Should you ever visit the Philippines I will not ultimately say visit Manila right away. Go to other cities and provinces, since there is more relaxing places and good places to eat other than Manila. If you are a beach person try Boracay, Palawan province. City life try Makati or Quezon City, that is where the clubbing and fancy dining is. but again for bargain hunting go to Divisoria in Manila. They have one big mall where you can haggle all day long.

I hope I gave you enough view.


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    • J@ps profile image

      J@ps 7 years ago from Southern California

      Wow, you did a great job, short and simple.

      Good read, would be nice if you add photos.

    • Elynjo profile image

      Elynjo 8 years ago from Sin City

      I thought Quezon City is thw Capital of the Philippines.

    • t0niesjv profile image

      t0niesjv 9 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks Joanne, I'm glad you take a moment to read my hubs.

    • Whitelighter profile image

      Whitelighter 9 years ago from Greater Seattle Area

      Appreciate the thorough overview of a place you seem to love very much.-Joanne