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All about Houseboats & Houseboating

Updated on January 30, 2008

All about Houseboats & Houseboating.

Houseboats & Houseboating.
Houseboats & Houseboating.

All about Houseboats & Houseboating.

Has the idea of houseboats crossed your mind?

My wife and I love houseboats, and are living aboard one. We would like to share our experiences, tips and advice to help beginners, or experienced boaters.

Ever wonder what it's like to liveaboard, or to take a vacation holiday on a houseboat?

We created a website with many Houseboat topics that range from:

  • Plans to help Build your Own Houseboat
  • A simple Houseboat Manufacturers list.
  • Excellent Holiday Vacation Rental ideas.
  • Popular Houseboating World Wide areas.
  • A Directory full of info like Marinas....
  • A simple "For Sale guide" with valuable Tips.
  • If you like a Blogs-RSS, ours is a busy place.
  • As a bonus, get our free Magazine-Newsletter

If you're curious or eager, feel free to come see us at

The site is a great free resource for you, IAN.

Here is a great professional houseboat video below that gives you an excellent overview of Houseboats & Houseboating in North America.

"Julie's gotta a Crush on Houseboats."


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    • imasailorgirl profile image

      imasailorgirl 9 years ago from Aboard Boudicca (a sailboat)

      I'm more of a sailor then houseboats, but I love any information on being on the water! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Dawar 9 years ago

      useful information

    • CoinMan profile image

      CoinMan 9 years ago

      We had friends who had a great houseboat experience on Lake Shasta last summer. Only problem was, they can't who they rented from. This site solves that problem. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Outback Fan 9 years ago

      Good information! My dream is a houseboat holiday on tha Murray River, Australia.

    • gnett profile image

      gnett 9 years ago

      I've been wanting to take a houseboat vacation, but haven't had a lot of information -- now I have! Thanks!

    • Great World profile image

      Great World 9 years ago

      interesting video. get to know a new way of playing and floating above the water, the hydroslider looks great to play with.