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climate changing fast--Global warming playing havoc

Updated on May 12, 2008

A UN Climate Change meet has urged India and China to cut down on their carbon emissions because of being among the most vulnerable to global warming.

India and China, the two fastest developing economies are also the largest polluters of environment. Today, when debates on global warming or climate change are taking place, China in particular is at the receiving end, with desiccating droughts, incessant rains, constant flooding, melting glaciers, dying creatures. On the other hand, India too is facing the heat of global warming. While one part of India is suffering from nonstop rains and deluge, deficient monsoon has stimulated drought in other parts. Also, several other regions of the globe are experiencing extreme weather with intense and frequent hurricanes, winds, storms, drought, floods.

Both India and China are emitting enormous amounts of pollutants and green house gases into the atmosphere to stand tall amongst the comity of nations. By doing so, both are adding to the warming effect. Being developing nations, both India and China can excuse their emissions for the same reason. However, relentless fuelling of the atmosphere to sustain economies is no sane way to development. What is such a development use of if humanity is not going to survive such a warming effect in times to come?But, the question stands, are only India and China to blame when it comes to global warming? Are India and China the only culprits in fuelling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases? What about the U.S., UK, Australia and most other developed nations? U.S. in particular, stands tall amongst the largest killers of environment, but every needle that points towards it is silenced on the face of economic development. What a pity, if the U.S. that hasn’t even signed Kyoto Protocol still needs to pollute environment for development, then developing countries like India and China must not be indicted for the same reason. Both are miles away from competing the U.S. in development and a blooming economy.

Richer nations must take the responsibility of leading from the front in containing emissions. Developing nations must also set their individual emission cut off targets and help in stemming the tide of global warming. Because saving the earth is everybody’s responsibility and not only of India or China or U.S.


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    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 9 years ago from Cabin Fever

      So global warming brings dramatic weather changes. Oh, I was just wondering why the weather in September radically changed in one week from 90 F heat to freezing temperatures. We had nasty snow storms in Elko county.

      Changes for a better environment means wasting less and that can be a very big challenge.

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 9 years ago from Cumbum

      Dear Neet, Very interesting hub especially for me. I have been experienced for the past 15 years a great change in the behaviour of both monsoons. Missing of speed in the monsoon wind, scarcity of rainfall in some places of the country and recent heavy falls in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are some thing may be connected with this global warming. The increase in temperature brings the summer very fast every year. Sometimes hot temperatures are bringing heavy equatorial rains alike Singapore and Amazon areas. So it is cent per cent clear that we are facing further influence of this global warming.