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Development, Potential and Limitation

Updated on February 27, 2008

The international furor over what is now being called “The Secret” has attracted many. Ironically the source information is “The Law of Attraction.” If you have invested time and money into the buying the book and the video, you may have an idea of what it is all about. Yet, you haven't felt the change.

Unlimited Potential
Unlimited Potential

The secret about potential

We are born with unlimited potential. As we are taught and raised we learn this thing called limitation. While under the guise of realism we it is infused into us. Limitation becomes an innate part of us though we were not born with it. When we gave into to the learnings of limitation, we lost our ability to reach full potential.

About the guise of limitation

Somewhere along the line of development into modern man and woman, we dulled much of what early man and woman were born with. As intelligence grew with the human race so did our original senses and abilities shrink. For instance we no longer have the keen sense of smell of a hunting breed our ancestors possessed. We are no longer in tune with nature as they were either. As we are grew smarter, we grew a sense of limitation.

How smart were our primitive ancestors?

I was at a comedy show when the comedian asked how many in a tribe falling off a cliff did it take for the rest to realize not to walk off the edge? How long did it take to understand the sabertooth wasn't as cuddly as it looked? At what point did man learn he should not to step in front of the advancing wooly mammoth? If cave pictures are any indications, it would seem that our ancestors were born with that knowledge.

How smart are our we presently?

Finland did a study that revealed the number of people falling to their death increases every year. Another study shows that almost five million people are are mauled by dogs alone. Even more research finds in the U.S. alone over 110 thousand are hit by cars. The point being as we grew in intelligence our basic senses dulled over time.

The correlation

Our once natural senses faded over time as our ability to seek full potential diminished. We developed the unnatural sense of “I can't” and “that is not possible.” Worse is we started looking into unnatural ways to get them back. This search brought on “LSD” and PED's or performance enhancing drugs as they are better known. We experiment on our bodies to bring back which we have lost over the generations. We even changed our perspective on our potential. We know longer look to develop it, instead look to induce it artificially.

The wonder of it all.

First we beat natural potential back by introducing perceived limitations. Next we try to bring it back by unnatural means. To further support this look at our young children. As they grow they naturally spew out millions of questions. By the time they are adults they have learned there are just certain questions you don't ask. We beat back our natural powers of curiosity. To even further this agenda we introduce a factor of broad based learned acceptance. If we accept what is, we have no need to explore what can be.

The domino effect of acceptance

Learning acceptance teaches us something else. Every time we apply acceptance it becomes easier. Not only that we have a silent subconscious epiphany. It is easier to accept status quo than to seek change. The less we use potential the harder it is to use. With this change and improvement also become more difficult. As you look around you, you see can see the reality of the domino effect. When you look inside yourself and have that sense of being stuck or helpless, you feel the domino effect on your life.

The facts of life

The Laws of Attraction come with birth. Indoctrination into society diminishes our bond with them from the first day we hear the words “No” and “Don't.” We are born with the capabilities to tap into these so-called laws but lose touch with how. Now, we are externally trying to rekindle those ability. We are faced with the truth by growing in intelligence, we have lost our natural inborn sense of being. In turn, we seek forms of mind expansion through suggestion, hypnosis or at times drugs. We try to re-education overselves about this which we unlearned from birth. In doing so we ignore an important part of the process.

What we forget.

We have made limitation an ingrained function of our lives. Now, I am not talking about knowing if you walk off a cliff you fall to your death. I am talking about that by asking “how can I do this” instead of “why can't I do this “ we begin override taught limitation. When we look through the “why can't” we look through the vision of limitation. This reliance on the acceptance of the status quo will begin to unravel. When we go straight to the how, we look past the fog of perceived limitation. The ancient tribes that built rope and vine bridges wouldn't have if that were looking at the “why do we fall?” They learned to make ropes that helped then climb down safely. For cliffs facing other cliffs they learned how to tie ropes to make bridges to get there faster and safer. This is the action that is induced by applying the naturally occurring Laws of Attraction. By performing the action we show there really is no secret at all.


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    • Born2care2001 profile image

      Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 5 years ago from Asheville NC

      Hi Rich!

      A wonderful hub! I linked it to a hub I wrote about mentoring entitled "A Vow Of Great Price."

      I particularly enjoyed this sentence you wrote, "We are born with unlimited potential." What I coach young men to realize comes from Earl Nightingale and "The Greatest Secret." Namely that success is "the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

      Thank for doing what you do and being who you are."

      Keep up the great work!